Pictures from my backyard

paulsiu(5a)November 22, 2009

I have been taking pictures of the backyard.


Cardinal at the feeder

Grey Squirrel at corn feeder

Hawk on the backyard tree

Fox Squirrel with pancake

Mallard Duck from the wetland

Mourning Doves on the Patio

Flock of birds on the patio

Twin blue jays

Red wing black bird and Sparrows

Black eye Junco

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Nice pictures. Around here the various sparrows and finches band together during the winter. Although the group is composed mostly of sparrows I see lark sparrows and several different types of finches.

Have the gel things that you put on your windows helped with the birds hitting it?

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I've been wondering where our Juncos are. Seems it was just yesterday (spring) when they left. Thank you for the great pictures.

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In my case, the Junco are still around, but they don't come as often, usually only early in the morning and late in the evening. During the day, I usually get a lone Junco instead of a flock.

The gel things are worked pretty well. I have had a lot of birds flocks fly toward the window and then part before they reach the window. Thought it looks like of silly.


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dirtboy58(Zone 7 MD)

Thank you so much for posting your pics. We don't get the cardinals here in Colorado...yet :) and it's nice to see your naturalized border bringing wildlife to your backyard. I've only seen a flicker, robin, junco and bluejay in the last couple of weeks. Miss all the buzzing of the summer. It's too quiet for me. So thanks again! Paul

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