Squirrel feeders and Blue Jay

paulsiu(5a)December 1, 2009

Because of the constant attack by squirrels on the bird feeder, I decided to set up a squirrel feeder 50-60 feet away from the bird feeder. It consists of just a terracotta plate. It does seems to work, as long as you offer food that squirrels want. For example, they are not fond of the squirrel logs. So far, I have been given them some feed grade nuts mix that my in-laws got from the nut factory and cracked corn.

The problem with offering squirrel their own feeder is that squirrels are territorial. There are 5-6 squirrels in this area alone. They end up battling it out at the feeder. Because there are 5-6 squirrels, it's hard to keep all of them occupied. I notice the smaller ones do not go to the squirrel feeder at all. I think the competition is just too fierce.

What's also ironic is that birds starts to come to the squirrel feeder. A blue jay show up too day and started screaming at the squirrel and eventually made off with some peanuts.

The trouble with squirrel is that they will eat until the can't. Is there someway to slow down their feeding? The ideal situation is to get them to hang around their own feeder but limit how much they can eat.

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Some birds like the ground or a platform to eat from. Some like Blue Jays will eat anything.

Most of the fights the squirrels will not hurt each other except during the breeding season. You will notice that when you have a winter type storm or very deep freeze they will all eat without fighting. If you want to be mean put out two more saucers and place in a triangle. The piggie squirrels will run from one to the other trying to get the best food. After a while they will just sit there looking like they are lost.

I don't worry about what the squirrels eat any more I just put food out first come first served. The wildlife I get other than the deer seem to know when others need food and let them eat in peace. You will see less fights as the stored food is depleted.

When the number of squirrels reach a certain level they tend to pass diseases to each other. This is natures way of preventing over population. This year we have very few squirrels in this area but last year it seemed like every tree was full. Try to keep feeders for squirrels clean. It will not help prevent passing of diseases but at least you will have not caused it. Hubby was very upset this spring when the squirrels disappeared and thought he had done something.

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Since squirrels can't get to my baffled birdfeeding station I give them BOSS in two places on the ground about four feet apart. There is always a little squabbling at first, then they all settle down and eat together. After they have eaten awhile I throw out a handful of peanuts. Blue Jays always get a few of them too.

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