Woo-Hoo! Snowing down South...

vgkg(Z-7)January 3, 2002

Hi Folks, just had to brag a bit. Down here in Va we've already got 9" snow and more on the way (weatherman said dusting to 3", hahaha). My cabbages, pansies, carrots, etc are all tucked in their nice white blanket. My pumpkin-snowman did the trick, and I off from work today too, a freebie! Woo-Hoo! (can't help it ;o). vgkg

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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

Just be sure to hang on to it and not send it our way. Are you going to post some photos?

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

Know just how you feel! Here on the little hill we just moved to in NE Georgia we were supposed to have less than an inch and have almost six inches instead, with it still coming down. I love it--the beautiful woodland that partial clearing turned into a dreary mess has become a gorgeous winter garden all by itself (!) while I sit inside and admire.

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Cady(6b/Sunset34 MA)

You're way ahead of southern New England this year. We had a few inches before Christmas, but it melted within a day and we haven't seen another flake in Coastal Massachusetts since. It's almost scary.

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Sorry John, wish I could post photos,....one day! vgkg

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KarinH(z7 (LI, NY))

Go ahead, Vgkg, rub it in!
Snow down south, snow (more than I would want, but still...) up in Buffalo, I'm getting jealous! That's what I get for living on an island, I guess. Damn ocean...
I've got a trick up my sleeve, though: I'm wearing my magic silver snowflake earrings to work tomorrow, then I'll Show You!!
Help me out, folks, When you're watching the weather and they show southeast NY (Long Island, to be precise), everybody go: "Ssssnooowwwww" and make mystical hand gestures at your TV. That should do the trick!!
Thanks in advance!
Karin H

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John_D(USDA 8b WA)

I don't get it. Why would anyone want snow? Around here, we try to keep the snow in the mountains, where we can visit it year-round. But we are very unhappy when it loses its way and falls in the lowlands instead.

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We have 10+ inches and I love it. Wouldn't want it all the time or as much as Buffalo, but I love the way we (usually)get it down here. It snows and makes everything beautiful and magical, hangs around for a few days and gives us a day or two off, and then goes away. And two years ago, when we had the big snow (20+ inches), my irises that year were the most spectacular they'd ever been.

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Don't worry Karin, you'll get some, maybe Monday.
John, like VIKI in NC it's a pleasure to get some and be off work for a day or two. But still, I wouldn't want to trade places with thew folks in Buffalo LOL, vgkg

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Cady(6b/Sunset34 MA)

John, here in Yankee Land, we have to want snow, because if we don't get any, it means drought next spring. The meltwater is what fills our reservoirs and aquifers.

The temps are cold enough that the ground is frozen now. So, if we get rain (during those days that are above 32F), it won't soak in -- it will run off into storm gutters and into cellars and basements. Snow, on the other hand, sits on the ground, and when the temps thaw, so does the soil enough for the meltwater to seep in gently.

Snow also insulates plants and hibernating creatures. Without snowcover, many are exposed to the freezing wind.

So, we're not entirely wacky for wishing for snow here.

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I umderstand why Vgkg is happy about the snow! When you don't get much snow, snow is wonderful. Fall was glorious this year, and in the Atlanta metro area, winter finally showed up on December 20th. Until then, we didn't need to wear coats during the day. The snow is long gone, but it's cold and sunny.

I love it when it rains here. The storms are exciting and the sun usually comes out the next day. But when I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I hated the rain and longed for sunshine!

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Like that fella who moved from N.Carolina to Maine? That 1st snow was reaaally beautiful, and he just loooved shoveling. Then 2-3-4' of snow and he was starting to cuss the snow AND the driver of the plow. It does stink when you shovel your driveway and the plow comes along and in an instant there's a wall at the end of your driveway.

Our piddly little 2-3" we got Sunday and Monday, just west of Frederick Md, is nearly gone today.

Glad that Vgkg and VIKIinNC enjoyed it.

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Mostly all melted here in central Va now, a couple of inches still on grassy areas. Looks like that will go away now that upper 50'sF are expected the next few days. Got an inch of rain on top of the snow 2 days ago too so it's a good soak-in type moisture that we Really Needed here. Looking forward to the next one.......vgkg

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