Watering in Winter?

fpogodaJanuary 14, 2002

In northern NJ, (Zone 6, I don't know how to change the 5 on my profile)we're in the midst of a pretty severe draught. My question is: Is there any benefit to watering my recently transplanted young (4ft) white pines?

Is there any other plantlife that benefits from winter watering?

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Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

Absolutely without a doubt...you must certainly water those newly transplanted white pines. They require a lot of water after transplanting and must be kept well watered throughout the winter. If they are allowed to freeze without water, they will dehydrate. The water freezes around the roots rather than the roots freezing themselves and supplies water to the plant during the winter months. Water the trees until the ground freezes and then again after the ground thaws. That will certainly save your trees from dying. All evergreens continue growing during the winter months but a t a slower rate and need some water, but your newly transplanted trees need it the most.

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Water them now...we're going to have severe restrictions soon. I, for one, am hoping to spend the summer away so I don't have to watch my babies shrivel!


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