chinnend(z4 WI)January 22, 2003

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile... Has anyone heard of a Ken Lucke from Oregon? He owns 'The Next Step..stained glass stepping stones'. I ordered a custom maid stone in July of last year to honor my parents and paid in full $160.00. He still has not sent it nor has he responded to any emails or phone calls. I thought that maybe he was sick so I had friend send a email for an order and she got an answer with a few days. Makes me sooo mad. How can people get away with this stuff. Anyone know of anything I can do besides Better Business Bureau? '

Thanks, Cindi

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chinnend(z4 WI)


Ken finally wrote me today after I told him I was on the forums. He apologized profulsely explaining that he'd been in the gulf and busy with an ill mother. He will make the stone today and send it in 2 weeks and will include another stone as an apology. He claims that he never got my past emails as his 'filters' on his system must not have let them through. I would like to believe him. These things happen sometimes I guess. I'll let you know if I don't get the stone. Thanks to all who responded.


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