?What Could Have Nibbled My Heated Birdbath?

bethfl(7b)December 3, 2008

Last night I plugged in our resin? heated bird bath that is attached to the deck railing. This morning I noticed two or three squirrel size nibbles and claw marks on each side!

What do you think? This didn't happen last winter.

Thanks for any help!

Beth - who is now in Columbia, SC

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They love to chew wire, anything they can. They tore wires in my engine that cost us $900.00 to repair. If ind that if you make peace with them, buy whole shelled corn and put it our for them to eat, and they seem to leave things along The corn is cheap by a 50' bag

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It's sad to think they've turned on me! They drink from it daily. And I do provide corn and they eat the granules of it that fall beneath the three bird feeders. Oh my gosh - I just saw one chewing on it - right on the rim where the previous damage is!! Do you know of anything taste wise that would deter them but not the birds from standing on the rim?
Thanks! Beth

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Hi Beth: Sorry to hear about this. I don't know why they have to be so ungrateful to us for providing them homes and food. We even make them squirrel houses where they stay in the winter and bear young in the spring. One thing that I dont feed them is peanuts with shells on them. When I did, they were storing them in the around the engine and then did the wiring damage.

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Hi. I'm even sorrier about your car damage. At least I can replace the b bath for much less! In spite of everything, I do love watching the squirrels and birds on the deck. They bury stash in two planters - after they murdered the plants - that are now reserved just for them. :)

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