Northeast and Winter Pruning

Lee@A Guide to Northeastern GardeningJanuary 1, 2005


There has been some odd weather going on in the northeast. It's winter and temperatures have been in the 30 's one day and in the 60's the next. A note on trimming your I was doing yardwork outside today and was almost tempted to do some trimming- I DID NOT! There have been posts about trimming evergreens and when. Just a note-do not be fooled by these mild temperatures! Trimming evergreen shrubs at this time of year can spark new growth in the warmer temperatures and if there is a sudden freeze suddenly after that -it will not only cause winter burn on your shrubs but also put unnecessary stress on them. Better to resist the temptation and wait until Spring! Thought I'd share. Happy gardening! Happy New Year!

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Agree-the best time for pruning shrubs(especially evergreens) in this region is early Spring (late March-April). This was a good reminder in regards to the mild weather we have been having in the northeast.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

What mild weather? Here in Long Island NY it is below 30 at night, and we have a foot of ice everywhere,the result of that snowstorm two weekends ago. I cannot wait for spring. My only hope is that I do notice the sun stays up later in the afternoons. When I leave work at 5, there is still a little light to drive by. But it hasn't been warm enough for any yard work. Except I did shovel the back steps so my dog can go potty.Tee hee.

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luseal(z 6-7 PA)

Here in S. E Pennsylvania the only gardening I can do is pick up sticks and shovel snow for the dog . Yesturday was a hot 50 so I decided to read my book outside. I sat in the sun on a low sun chair. No one could see me in my garden, so I flipped off my sweater and sunbathed in my bra and slacks. Not a pretty picture--A gal of 65! It was fun though. This is how I garden in the winter.

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I trimmed my rose bushes last Sunday, did I just kill them?


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Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

Don't get too upset! It is too early but if you get injury from frost you can prune them again to remove any damage. As a general guideline roses such as Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, and Floribunda require annual pruning in the spring around the time the forsythia blooms. Hopefully we won't get any more really cold temperatures.

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