Anyone know about Edgeworthia?

seachelleleeJanuary 19, 2010


I have an Edgeworthia plant that has had buds for several months. I know they carry their buds until January/February, so I'm not worried about that. None of the buds have opened yet, but today when I went to check on them, I noticed that one bud cluster is losing some of its individual flowers. They're just dropping off. Some of the flowers looked yellowish, and I noticed a grayish spot on one. What is this? We've had cold weather, but nothing lower than what this bush is supposed to be able to take. It's been warm the past two days, and it rained pretty hard on Saturday and Sunday. I'm wondering if it's too much water. Is there anything I can do to save the other buds? The rest of the buds look good - it's just two bud clusters that look sketchy. Thanks for any help!

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taxonomist(7b VA)

I don't believe the condition that you describe is of any consequence. My Edgeworthis has about nine years and has shown the condition you describe several times; it appears to be confined to one or two branches. Too much water will indeed disrupt normal growth. Here in central Virginia we have experienced rainfall much above nornal and I have noticed the same condition that you describe. Just have another beer and relax; it will correct itself.

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