Coyote cries

paulsiu(5a)December 29, 2010

There have always been coyotes in the area, I see may be one or two every once in a while. Recently, Coyote are starting to show up more frequently in my backyard, Sometimes I see one every couple of hours.

I also hear their cries during the day and the night time. Is there some sort of pack? I only see at most two at a time.

The increase in Coyote hasn't really made a dent in the squirrel population. Then again, I notice some of the squirrel are looking pretty fat like giant football these days, so perhaps some of them got eaten.


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Will not comment on the coyote cries because they seem to enjoy crying. Probably at this time of year it is to attract mates but in some areas it is to gather together to hunt larger things.

Your fat squirrels were probably doing my December 6 post and are very preggie. Squirrels are one of the animals that can delay the birth or absorb the fetus if food is scarce or weather turns really bad cutting back the food supplies for the mother.

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joepyeweed(5b IL)

The coyote population is growing in Illinois. They have adapted well to living with people, scavenging for garbage and eating domestic cats.

Here is a link that might be useful: article about coyotes in Chicago

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