Need plant suggestion- evergreen, full sun, wet feet

sarakpJune 6, 2010

I'm looking for suggestions. I need a plant that is evergreen, can take full sun and likes wet feet. It will live next to this fountain where the umbrella grass is. It's southern exposure, getting shade in the afternoon because of our swing garage.

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Canna (which it looks like you already have) and Texas Star/Swamp Hibiscus.

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Canna was also the first thing to come to my mind. A purple-leaf variety like Wyoming, Black Knight, or Tropicanna would look great there. Louisiana Iris live in the swamps and would do well there, too.

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Yup, cannas do very well there, which is what is on the far side of the fountain. They die to the ground each winter so it's a very bare spot come December. I had another board suggest evergreen giant liriope in the back and dwarf loropetalum 'purple pixie' up front. I think come Fall I'll have to look into that combination.

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Neither Liriope or Loropetalum like wet feet! Some more ideas that tolerate wet feet: Arrowwood Viburum, Louisiana Iris, and Swamp Milkweed.

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I'd suggest La. Iris along with some of the others. Just about any hardy hibiscus would likely do well too. One not mentioned that I'd highly recommend is hedychium ("butterfly ginger.")If the area stays moist, hedychium would do well and they put out gorgeous white blooms from late summer till frost that smell just like gardenias.

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Evergreen is the problem here, lol. I can't think of many evergreens that wouldn't get too large for the spot. Just put a decorative pot or something over things in the winter to hide the bare spots, lol.

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