Can a coon or a squirrel open a jar?

trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)December 9, 2009

This may seem like a silly question but let me tell you what happened. I have black oil sunflower seeds stored in big plastic jars that used to hold animal crackers. They are on my deck near the bird feeders for easy access. This morning I go out to find one on its side, open and half the contents eaten. How did that happen? Has anyone had a similar experience? Are critters smart enough to open these jars?

Tina in Kansas

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Probably a coon but squirrels will also open. I don't remember where you are in Kansas but down by Paola there have been some sightings of black bears. Of course if it was a bear all of it would have been eatten.

Probably the wind may have loosened the top just enough for something to access the seeds. I did not have the 50+ winds here but imagine many open parts in Kansas had them last night.

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Is it a screw top or a pop off top. I would think that squirrels may be able to figure out how to pop off top. Ditto for raccoons, I suspect squirrel would try to chew through it first

Did it happen at night or during the day. If it's by night, it's more likely to be raccoons.

My friend grew up near water in Maryland. He mentioned that Raccoons used to pull his crab trap from the water and eat the catch.


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trowelgal(Kansas Zone 5)

This happened at night. The lid was the screw on variety. I may not have had it tightened all the way so I made sure I did that and so far no new raids.
I'm going to be gone over the holidays and am already starting to feel guilty that I won't be around to refill my feeders and suet cage. Hope the birds can forgive me.

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Well, if there are berries still around (just like it does at my place), they'll still find food. In addition, do your neighbors also bird feed? Both of neighbors have bird feeders so they'll always find something to eat.

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If it was late January or February much of the seeds might be gone but the birds should have plenty of wild food to forage on. The birds just started eating my holly berries. For some reason this year grapes have appeared to have dried on the vines.

Funny thing about the holly berries the birds are eating the fruit but spitting out the seeds. Earlier this week I noticed the seeds under the sprucie tree. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what the large seseme seed looking things were on the groud as the first thing that popped into my brain were flukes. I was just about to panic when I notices several partially eatten pieces on the grown.

Enjoy your holiday your birds will forgive you.

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