Indoor Radishes

JHruskyFebruary 3, 2013

I am having trouble growing radishes for some reason ... cannot figure out why.

I planted radishes in a potting mix in a 6" container and put inside my indoor 2'x4' greenhouse. I water them regularly (6 seeds) and have a grow light on them 16 hours a day. Basil is planted in containers next to them and that seems to be doing OK.

The radishes were a bit spindly so I started putting a low blowing fan on them every could days, no difference. It's been 5 weeks and I went through the soil to see how they've done (tops look pretty good) and there is not even a start of a bulb there for some reason and that confuses me. Shouldnt' radishes grow very easily in potting soil?

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Well, I realize that these radishes have died by now....but I just wanted to chime in that 1) light levels for anti-spindliness (how close is the light) 2) day length...when the days get long (16 hours is long)...radishes go to seed.

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