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bama647(7a)July 10, 2011

hello all, some problems with my tomatoes this year and hoping for some suggestions. My plants look wonderful and have plenty of tomatoes on them but as the fruit reaches maturity they crack and develope rough dark lines around the stem end of the fruit. I have been thinking the cause was inconsistantcy of watering/weather. i cant do much for the weather and i am gone to work about 15 hrs most days but i generally water morning and evenings. could it be to much water? I'm fairly certain its not to little water but maybe the consitancy. i appreciate any thought on this-thanks

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overwatering, try setting up a drip system so its more consistant. if there in the ground you can use a soaker hose.

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Here's a link with some info on cracking(and some other disorders). Some varieties can be more prone to it than others. As an example, Black Krim is one and most descriptions will state that it is prone to concentric cracking.

Here is a link that might be useful: tomato cracking info

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