Difficulty IDing problem

greenhaven(SW MI z6)July 8, 2011

I have done some research as to what may be causing my tomato problem, and the nearest I can come is 2, 4-D damage. The problem is that no other plants in the raised bed with the tomatoes or the neighboring bed show any damage at all.

I am sorry I have no photos at this time (I am at work) but I can tell you what is going on:

I planted four tomato plants, two from one source and two from another. After planting the new leaves were severely stunted, twisted, DOWNWARDly curled, and thick and leathery. Curly Top doesn't fit for the curl style and my location (Midwest near Chicago) and the mosaic viruses do not seem to affect the plant as severely as it is.

We did spray some 2, 4-D in the pasture, but it is quite a ways from the garden (200 ft.?) and, like I said, everything else is thriving. The tomatoes do have a few scattered blossoms; I planted very late so I am very behind "normal" schedule.

This is a new raised bed, filled with bagged top soil and my home-grown, composted horse manure.

TIA for any help that comes my way. I will try and post some photos tonight.

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if it is 2,4d damage there really is not much help we can offer you. the plant may grow out of it or die.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Herbicides can easily drift much further than 200 ft. I've seen it drift over 1/2 a mile. And some plants are simply more susceptible to it than others depending on variety, leaf-type, plant age, root development, etc. etc.

Since you did spray the odds heavily favor that being the cause and while some plants will grow out of it to a degree, most don't depending on the level of exposure. If possible given your zone I'd just replace the plant with a rooted cutting off one of your healthy plants. Your choice.


PS: next time cover the plants with plastic prior to spraying.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Thank you both for your responses. I really can't see that it is other than herbicide damage, so I will take your tips to heart. I have no healthy tomatoes, so I guess I will be buying them from the farmer's market this year. Live and learn, eh?

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