looking for potted 'Night Blooming Jasmine'

red_geraniumJune 5, 2007

Any one comes across this in the Austin area, lease let me know! Thanks It is the really dull rangy one with tiny little yellow flowers.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

My night blooming jasmine has white flowers.

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The night blooming jasmine is fragrant and has white flowers that open at night.
There is one with yellow flowers but it isn't fragrant. It's called jasmine diurnum, meaning day blooming jasmine. The flowers open during the day. Also, it reseeds like a maniac. I've got about a thousand of them. I've been pulling up the seedlings because 1)it's not fragrant and 2) the reseeding would take over my entire county if I kept it.

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Hey folks, I should have included the botantical! This is it:
Cestrum nocturnum
I am so intent on finding this plant, that I was careless on it's name!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

When I look these up, it is still the night blooming jasmine with WHITE flowers.

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OK, I was wrong on the name, too.
Cestrum diurnum has yellow flowers that aren't fragrant. And it reseeds horribly.
Cestrum nocturnum has white flowers that are fragrant. It doesn't reseed but is not hardy, at least not in 8a. Once you have it it is easy to root so you will always have some if you want to plant some in the ground and root more for next year.
Check them out at Dave's Garden if you have doubts.
I know this for sure because the yellow one I bought was labled Cestrum nocturnum x diurnum (there is no such thing) and I was hoping that it would be fragrant like the Cestrum nocturnum that I have, but it wasn't and after doing some research I found out that it was actually Cestrum diurnum.
My main question is why would you want the yellow kind if it isn't fragrant?

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Oops, I was wrong.
The yellow one is Cestrum aurantiacum. Not diurnum. Diurnum is white flowered but not fragrant like nocturnum.
Check out this link:
And this one:

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Well, if those little suckers are white, they sure yellow quickly =) I first came across this plant not in a garden but at the nursery I was working in, Houston, in the fall. The entire building was perfumed by a few of these rather ugly weedy plant! And the bloom was not a long one. The flowers are actually insignificant. Monrovia (under their plant library) shows them as yellowish white. Anyway, I would like to try one but they are hard to find here and most nurseries must put in their orders quite in advance and I forgot to ask one to do so for me last year. Monrovia will not sell to the public. So......... If you should happen to see some in the Austin area, please let me know. I and my neighbors will thank you!

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malmason(9, Houston TX)


Other idea of getting this plant is to make a trade with other gardeners. Have you visited Texas Exchange Forum or any other Exchange Forum?

If you like NBJ's intense vanila fragrance, may I suggest you to check Sweet Almond Verbena (Aloysia virgata)? My friend gave me the rooted cutting, and my family entirely enjoy it very much. AV blooms very frequently throuthout a year and the fragrance is as intense as NBJ. I see no pest or disease to AV. I love NBJ, but this plants get mealy bug in Autumn, plus die back in winter.

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seagrapes(z8b TX/Austin (Georgetown))

Cestrum ID's can be quite confusing at times. Night blooming jasmine (C nocturnum) has white flowers; day blooming jasmine (C. diurnum) also has white flowers (with daytime scent). There IS a hybrid between the two (C. nocturnum X diurnum) that consists of several cultivars ('orange peel', 'lemon peel', etc.), whose colors range from white to orange. Nearly all of these have NO scent. Cestrum 'orange peel' has nearly identical flowers to C. aurantiacum, except that C. aurantiacum does have a citrus scent in the evening (not so strong). Also, C. nocturnum X diurnum cultivars all have dark purple/black berries, while C. aurantiacum has white berries. To add to the confusion, there are also other rare hybrids out there, such as C. aurantiacum X nocturnum, which has yellow flowers AND evening scent.

I haven't seen much C. nocturnum for sale in Austin this year, but mine from last year came back well and will bloom soon. I also have a few seeds from last year that I'll be sprouting soon...

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Wow ... I didn't know about all those varieties. I just came in to say that after occasionally losing my plants to a freeze and finding that plant nurseries don't stock them consistently I decided to keep it in a five gallon pot. For several years now I have been cutting it way back when a freeze is predicted and wheeling it into the overwintering 'green' house on a dolly.

I hope you find one. Don't give up. It's worth the search. People will be watching for you I'm sure.

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seagrapes(z8b TX/Austin (Georgetown))

Just saw it today in 1 gallon size at Lowe's near 183/620...

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Does anyone know any garden center or nursery that carries night blooming jasmine in the DFW area.i have almost given up hope and plan on odering mine from ebay.but i would really like one potted and budding.

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Thank you, thank you, Seagrapes. Read your post this evening, hopped in the car and whoshed to Loew's. Searched and searched, even had the help looking (they have a nice selection of various jasmines) and came up with nothing until......on my way out I got a hint of fragrance and there it was on the tropical table with a big mismatched tag. I will have to wait a day or two until full bloom to see if it is as fragrant as the Monrovia ones. I really appreciate you keeping an eye out for this. My next search is.........autumn clematis. (They also had some nice giant hysop, very pretty perennial and less expensive than Russian sage).

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I just bought a Maid of Orleans Jasmine. From what I have read on the web it can't handle anything lower than 60 degrees. I just planted it in my backyard that faces east. Does anyone know anything about it? Or had any luck with it in the DFW area?

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I don't know about the DFW area, but here south of Houston, my very small Maid of Orleans, survived 28 deg. without protection, this past winter, and is growing and blooming it's head off right now.

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I have a maid of orleans jasmine which comes back every winter, and it gets down to 17 a few times each year. BUT this plant is against the wall on the south side of the house, so it is protected from the northern winds.
Depending on how much you paid for it you may want to dig it up this winter and take it inside. Or you could risk losing it.

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seagrapes(z8b TX/Austin (Georgetown))

red_geranium - Great that you found the night blooming cestrum! They had a whole table load of them last weekend in 1 gallon pots, or similar size. I don't remember the labels on them (mismatched tags), but I recognized the plants from FAR away. They were not quite in bloom yet at that time. Enjoy...

Maid of Orleans jasmine - mine took 20F w/ ice. It froze to the ground, but has returned and will bloom soon.

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Lowes in Euless,TX has about 5 more NBJ left (directly in front of the Garden entrance gate). Also, your plant sounds like "orange peel" Cestrum, which is the same species that the store also carries. Hope this helps!

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