Witch hazel vs Viburnum x bodnantense 'Pink Dawn'?

fanofgardenJune 22, 2010


I wonder which one is more fragrant? Witch hazel or the Pink Dawn Viburnum?

There is one very sunny spot in my back yard that need a small shrub or tree to add winter interest. The place is close to patio and pathway and has evergreen background when I look out of the window. (It is a very visible and important spot in my yard, so I don't want to make any mistake choosing the plant...) Max width of the plant should be 6 feet ideally. Otherwise I need to prune it to control the size. Height of the plant is less of a concern.

I would like a fragrant flowering plant there. Do you have any suggestion which is better?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

In my experience the viburnum is more fragrant. Also it is fairly upright in growth so would fit in your space. But the flowers do get spoiled by frost. If you have space I'd get both. Another fantastic winter scent is Chimonanthus fragrans but it might outgrow your space. Don't know if it would do in your climate.

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Hi. I am in humid Northern Virginia, and also thinking about witch hazels and new dawn viburnum. I have a spot along a sloped fence line, between a holly and a hemlock. There's some shade and not a lot of root space. I need something that will leaf out early for privacy, although it doesn't have to be dense. What would you pick?

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For me, in the southeast, the Viburnum is difficult to establish. It is sensitive to drought and the stems die back as a result. Those bright pink flowers in late winter make it worth the effort. Witch hazels can be scentless- pick the right one for fragrance. 'Wisley Supreme' and 'Arnold Promise'- spicy yellow things, they are my favorites.

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'Vesna' is a fantastic witch hazel with strong scent and a relatively upright form. I grow both 'Vesna' and 'Pallida' in my garden, and 'Vesna' is definitely more fragrant. It's a strong bright gold, which I wouldn't like so much in summer, but it's exactly what I want in winter.

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In my garden I have both and Pink Dawn is hands down more fragrant. Maybe I notice it more because it is close to a path I walk every day and the witch hazel is further down in the woods garden.


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Does pink dawn bloom even when there's frosts and freezes?


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