who did what for this coming winter.....

rubrifolia(7ish NYC)July 16, 2002

slowly Ive been turning my front garden more & more towards winter.

There is now a 'surround' of the adult ivy Garnet with 4 Ilex Augustifolias marking the corners.

Internally are Korean box Tide Hill, assorted bergenias, hellebores--Augustifolia mainly for that divine foliage along with regular hybrids.

This spring brought 4 Ilex Verticillatas hoping that they will berry well. Until last winter I had no idea the berries would last all thru the winter....

Grasses: stipa tenussisima & miscanthus cosmoplitan, the little white running bamboo & festucas.

Calluna winter chocolate was wonderful all last winter, but is not so happy with the baking sun it is now receiving while the Ericas & Yucca Colorguard are happy as clams...gotta figure out how to save the Callunas.

Winter jasmine is everywhere. Anyone have any other winter vines?

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eduarda(Z10 - Portugal)

And I thought I was the only one already working for the Winter garden now! Today, in a soaring hot temperature, I hauled a big concrete pot up a flight of stairs, plus a 50 liter soil bag, to plant a permanent container for Winter interest! The neighbours must have thought I was mad!

The pot is now planted with arbutus unedo, eleagnus pungens macculata and some yellow lillies. I plan to add daffodil bulbs later on in the season, when they become available, and some ivy - but I want Goldheart and couldn´t find it in the garden centre. To cover the spot the ivy is supposed to go, I planted a couple of tagetes which I started from seed.

The pot is looking quite nice, but I know it will come on its own in the Winter. It sits next to the birdbath and I also plan to have a hanging basket nearby.

I have forbidden myself to buy any more deciduous plants this year, as I plan to add more and more Winter interest. This is a very tough decision to maintain, because I keep eyeing the roses, but it must be!

So, what plants are you all adding to your garden for Winter?


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hookilau(long island NY)

Ooo...I love it!...Winterberry!!!!

I found a quiet spot where there are winterberry trees in Alley Pond Park...my husband and I call it the Winterberry forest....there are a few trees and the canop of the larger trees make the whole area seem so insulated and quiet...slightly Blair Witch-y...slightly Edward Scisor-hands, very cool to take the kids for a hike this time of year.

We go every couple of weeks or so for a neat hike in the park, my kids love it!

I purchased 2 winterberry trees (small, about 3 feet) and started reading up on plants with winter interest and I'm hooked!...

I am looking for Jasminum nudiflorum (winter jasmine) and am reading up on it's care and feeding in the meantime...I just purchased several chinese bittersweet to try out also.

O and I just bought a neat Crabapple, PrairieFire I think...it has fruit the same size as my winterberry and it should persist for quite a while...


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