Potting Pellets??

rdturnerAugust 30, 2002

I bought several of these before finding this winter forum.

They are the ones that expand when adding water and you can plant a seed in them. I even bought the minature greenhouse to help the seed germinate.

Can I use these in a winter garden?



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Dear RD. This spring I bought those pellets w/greenhouse covering, and think they work great. Better than the flats/plastic cover. Next spring when starting seed, I'll go w/those again.
What type of winter garden are you attempting? Are you asking if these will work like a cold frame? Toni

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Yes, Toni, I would like to plant the seed in the pellet like Trudi mentions in her FAQ. This would be more time consuming (1 seed per pellet) but at least I would be using them. RD

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I've used these for daylily seeds and they work great, but I've found they stay far too wet for cuttings and cuttings will rot from the bottom. So for seeds yes, cuttings no, my opinion.

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mycarbumps(Zone 6b E.TN)

those little pellets are awful! i planted some peppers (strong roots) in those and put them in the ground, they grew all summer and when i pulled the plants a few weeks ago the roots were mostle still insidt the pellet!!! only 2 large root had come out! no wonder they kept falling over in the wind, i will never use those again! ~Ryan

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I use them because I got such an end of season clear out price on them. Your right about the netting not breaking down.

So if your going to use them tear the netting away at least from the bottom so your roots can grow somewhere.

They are so compact that they will stay together with out the net long enough for you to get it in the ground.

I guess if yours didn't have the netting to hold the pellet together you could slice down each side to help losen and break it down.

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