SEWigardnut(5)January 19, 2007

Has anyone ever bought from Inter-state nurseries? I was just wondering because I just got a catalog from them and was wondering about their plants and service.

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I've never bought from them but have received their catalog many times also. Are you familiar with the website If not, go there & click on the "garden watch dog" tab, you can then find info on how well customers are satisfied with mail order nurseries. Inter-state gets a really bad review: 3 positives, 2 nuetrals & 49 negatives.

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While I don't always place much stock in the reviews, 3 positives to 49 negatives is pretty horrible. You pretty much have to earn that kind of rating.

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I have ordered from them, and I'm convinced Interstate and a number of other mail order companies are in fact one and the same. I think they're all in Bloomington, Illinois, the photos/depictions of plants are identical, the prices are all equally cheap.

I think they are mediocre at best. That said, I've had success with a number of the nursery plants they've sent me. For the low prices they offer, even if half of the plants croak, the savings are significant. From last year, the carnations, creeping phlox, English daisies, and mother-of-thyme that I planted all grew and seem to be pretty robust.

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