Hardy Camellia Breeder?

brunomax(z6b/TN)September 18, 2003

Does anyone know who bred the hardy camellias "Arctic Ice", "Eskimo", or "Northern Exposure"? They sound like names that Dr. Ackerman might have chosen, however I can't find them on any of the lists of his hybrids. They are also not mentioned in his recent book "Growing Camellias in Cold Climates". Thanks.


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Don't know for sure, Mike, but there were some selections bred & selected at the National Arboretum - you might start looking there to see if there's any info on their website(I presume they have one).

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Hi, try this link http:/www.camellias.acs.com/index2.html
Not positive, but I think they were developed at the university of North Carolina. American Camellia soc. will tell you, they know most everything. Good luck!

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ermazi(z6, NJ.)


Try this link. They provide a lot Cam. vars.
Some of them are realy hardy, hardy to 6A, such as
snow flurry and winter's intclude.

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gardengranma(6a/6b MD)

The most cold hardy seem to bloom in late fall until frost.

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Cam Forest is best, as ermazi said.

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JJeane(7/N Ga)

Agree - Camellia Forest is a wonderful place to order from. It's owned by Dr. Clifford Parks and his wife. Dr. Parks is a retired botanist. They sell the Ackerman varieties as well as many that Camellia Forest has bred.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camellia Forest

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I am in Stamford inland away from the water .. I have have had several of the hardy camellias for several years now. Ackerman hybrids and star series . they are growing fine ..problem is that they are not ready to bloom until a week after our first hard freeze .

.they set many buds but they are frozen off first every year .. I have a japonica. large flowered one that blooms in the spring, so its buds never make it thru the winter .. they need to do a little fine tuning to get them to bloom sucessfully in this area

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