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elvisJanuary 18, 2006

Hey guys! I'm interested in having a plant swap, location in north central WI. Of course, anyone is welcome--fellow Wisconsinites, visitors to our fair state, neighbors, whoever. I'm talking location of the swap, not your location necessarily--but wouldn't that be nice? Just think: whoever volunteers to host wouldn't have to drive :0 Anyone interested in doing this? I'm thinking summer (early) when everything is up and spring bulbs can still be located for digging, too.

Please post here.


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Sounds like a good idea to me

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aphrodite(z4 Wisconsin)

I'm interested. I would also host a swap.


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tufameister(z4 WI)

I would also be interested!

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Me too Con!

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Coolness! Keep those responses coming! Remember, driving will not be an issue in toasty June...


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You know what, guys? I think it's too early. Let's re-visit this in say, April?


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Sounds like fun, I'm always interested in a plant swap. Your right, probably a little early, but don't wait too long because summer calenders fill up fast. In case you didn't see the post there is another plant swap being planned in SW WI on memorial day weekend by SandiBluffs, I was going to wait until closer to that time and then see if any of you northerners wanted to drive down with me.

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I'm out of time today, but lets talk about this again.

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Aren't you the chatty one today, Catrina? Good to hear from you!

Yes, you're right--don't want to wait too long. A trip pool to SandiBluffs place? I'd be up for that, but it might involve an overnighter somewhere--otherwise it would be a long day. Maybe a camping overnighter somewhere around you? In Marathon County?

Food for thought--anyone have input on this? Periwinkle, I'll bet you do--


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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Howdy Neighbors!
I wanted to let you know there is a June 11th date for the spring MN GW swap- at Leftwoods!!! He lives west of the cities just a bit- near the MN Arboratum. Check out our exchange area- or in our regular Forum for more info- Please join us if you can!
Also, I would be interested in bringing a car/van load of MN neighbors and their plants, to a more westerly WI swap- if there is one coming up, and if you-all don't object. Quite possibly, some of the plants I would be bringing would be making a return trip to Wisconsin from previous, generous seed swaps....
Please, come join us if you can, as it's always nice to get to know the neighbors!

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Thanks for the invite Julie. I've wanted to visit the arboratum so will put that on the garden calendar for a big maybe. I'll look for Sandi's thread and see if they picked a for certain date yet. Julie, the one we are talking about is in SW WI. They were talking about 5/20 but I don't know if that was a for sure. I have a wedding on the 20th so wouldn't be able to go then but I think they talked about the weekend after that too. It's still about 5 hours down there from here Con so if we went we would probably have to put a tent up. Whalusing (Sp.), blue mounds, govener dodge and there is another govener one down there, all nice. There may be something around Lacrosse that I'm not thinking of right now too. I may be able to host something here the end of May early June. My puter is in the shop right now and the paper calender is currently lost so will have to get back to you on dates, but open to suggestions. I wouldn't mind a few tents in my yard or Rib Mt is just a skip down the road. We could even do the swap up on the mountain to if people would rather do it in a public place. Any ideas?

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