Does the moon matter?

cactus_cathy(z5/WI)January 19, 2006

Does anybody else plant according to the phase of the moon??? I only plant just after new moon and stop just before full moon. I tried after full moon once and got practically non-existent germination, while those planted after new moon was practically 100%. My grandmother knew all about this kind of stuff. She grew up on a farm in Sturgeon Bay. When she was in retirement in Milw. in a senior appt. the green grocer who came there selling produce (This was quite a while ago!) would ask her when to take in his crops. He always got it right, while his farming neighbors were sometimes left in the dust. She was a cool old lady!

Cactus Cathy

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My Aunt from Germany planted according to the moon. The full moon in April and May falls on the 13th this year. June and July full moon is in the 11th The new moon is April 27, May 27, June 25th, and July 25th. This is a great thread. I would love to find out more about this.

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Well ya know, that would mean planting between 27 May and 11 June, which actually seems about right, aye?


I too would like to know more about this.

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Norwegians-I live near Stoughton, always plant tomatoes on (norwegian) 17th of May-or is it 18th. So could I plant them on May 12th-I would love that!

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Since I start my seeds under lights I have to decide to start planting (New Moon) Jan. 29th and before Feb 14, (Full Moon), or wait 'till March new moon. Early Feb may be too soon and the plants will get leggy. I can't put them outside till late May. What a dilema!!LOL.


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Years ago I helped my daughter with a parent/child science project. We decided to plant quickly germinating seeds by the moon phases. We used beans, corn, and marigolds. If I remember correctly, we found a strong correlation for two out of the three seeds, new moon was best, full moon the germination plummeted, except for corn which was the exception.

Not scientific in the least, just remembering a cool thing I did with my youngest child who is NOW 19 (and in need of a job!)

Sorry, off track there for a bit.


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Maybe if I plant my(crummy)seeds from Reimer's by the moon, it'll help them to germinate:)

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I believe there is something to this but I would take a lot of studying to figure it out. I'm lucky to have time to get my stuff planted at all much less wait till the right moon time. My grandpa knew about stuff like this too. To bad a lot of this knowledge seems to be getting lost. Seems to me he said that you plant stuff that grows above the ground durring the time frame as mentioned above by cc and then root crops were the opposite. I agree with you though con, could have something to do with the fact that these time frames also happen to be the times when the soil temp is right for these types of plants. Interesting thought. Would the moon affect stuff planted indoors. I'm guessing not. One other thing that is sort of realted. I was reading a study in an organic farming mag once and they studied weed germination when tilling was done during different moon phases. Apparently some weed seeds are so sensitve to light (for germination) that it made a difference if they tilled at the new moon or the full moon as far as how many weeds they got. It also made a difference if they had the tractor lights on or not. Soooo...I guess we should do our tilling at 2 am during the new moon.

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I wonder what the neighbors would think about that.

I do remember my aunt saying the same thing about root crops and above ground crops. This info is probably in the farmers almanac.

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SandiBluffs(z4 WI)

Try this

Can you all tell me how to get this in blue to I can click on it to get to the website? SB

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

below the message box under follow-up there's a box for the Optional URL Link....type the link in the box and name the link in the next box. Also make sure you use the "http://" prefix or the program won't recognize it as a link.

Cheers and here ya go....


Here is a link that might be useful:

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I want to bring this thread back-maybe we could figure out when to plant our tomatoes by the moon

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