GW Poster down, needs help

daddylonglegs(z5 WI)January 12, 2007

We have a fellow WI GW member that suddenly can't post. Does anyone know why that might happen?

She can monitor positings and will probably watch this thread for advice.

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What happens when posting? If the submit button takes this person back to the main page then this is what happens when their account is banned. When Spike ran the place the person would be redirected to It would appear the new owners simply changed the URL to the main page.

There have been folks on other boards that have had this happen to them where they get banned with no explanation.

Unfortunately it also appears that once banned any attempts to communicate with the site admins results in a bounced message.

If this person does not believe they were/should have been banned someone with an active account will have to attempt to contact the powers that be to clear things up.

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Has she tried making up another user name? I know a while back, a lot of GW members had to make up a different user name because they couldn't use their original ones.
I sure hope someone can help her out.


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sometimes you just have to re-log in...

i just had to myself....


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Bob_Zn5(Z5 WI)

It was more fun when you got bounced to Disney. There was no doubt what happenned.

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leftwood(z4a MN)

Sometimes I have to re log-in too. Happens about once a month for me. Sometimes I think it's because I'd been futsing with my computer configurations, but other times that can't be the case, as I had not changed (or even looked at) anything.

But this is a free board now, so I just put up with it.

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Free board, leftwood? Does that mean I won't be getting a subscription renewal notice? Cool.

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try logging in using only lower case letters....

that may help....jill

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

There was another Wisconsin GW member that was banned earlier this year, apparently for posting links or advice that the administrators disliked.

Apparently, once banned, no attempt to re-register will work; so once you're out, you're _out_.

If you read the "terms of service", there are numerous reasons that this could occur, perhaps unintentionally - such as perceived commercial intent (selling seeds), copyright infringement, use of profanity (even m*sked profanity), or complaints by other members (such as on the Hot Topics Forum). Setting up multiple accounts is another reason... so if someone creates a new account just to make a provocative statement anonymously, that would qualify.

One would hope that GW would provide a warning beforehand... but they may not have the staff to handle such things on a personal level. That would be sad, because for frequent posters, increased participation = increased risk.

I know it makes me nervous, because you don't know where the line is until you cross it - and then it is too late. If I recommend seed companies to other posters (as many do), does that put me at risk? If I post links to other websites, which would be taboo? It would be nice - and in the best interests of both GW & its membership - if this issue could be further clarified.

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GW doesn't really care what you think, they care what the advertisers think and all they think about is the number of clicks they get.

Once the village idiots bought this place many long time members with a lot of knowledge went away. Some by choice, others against their choice.

There is no warning given and once banned there is no recourse other than subscribing again with a new ISP, a new email addy and making all info filled out different than any previous account.

The good news is that all new accounts appear to go through an initial screening period and after that they are ignored unless reported.

Don't even ask me how I know this ;-)

One way back in is to use a new email addy and a proxy server to subscribe. Then use the same proxy server for a month and after than it doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't attract the attention of the powers that be.

So please, nobody report me otherwise I will have to reincarnate once again ;-)

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