Watering in Winter

trace(z6 NM)October 16, 2003

After I have fertilized and mulched my perennial beds do I continue to water them throughout the winter? We have a fairly mild climate and very rarely have moisture of any type during the winter months. The main thing that concerns me are my daylilies...I think they need to be divided this year, but I've been told to wait until they turn brown to do that. With the climate here, if I keep watering them it seems like they will never get to that point. Sigh...I'm so confused!

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Michelle_8(Carrollton TX 8)

What I do and it seems to be working...for the last 5 years is continue to water as normal until we get a good hard freeze...then I cut back on watering to about twice a month depending on the daytime temps and of course never water when we are expecting a freeze. If we get a few good days of high temps, then I will water a little more accordingly. Hope this helps.

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Lynn Nevins

What about watering in zone 6/7? In the winter, the temps are often below freezing. This past weekend we had our first big snowstorm. This is my first winter ever with outdoor container plants, so I'm really nervous.

I figured I could/should water the plants whenever it was a bit warmer out, or if I got suddenly motivated to go out in the cold and water them. But I just read somewhere that waterining the in winter can actually be BAD for the plants? Are you always supposed to cut down on waterining in the winter, even if by some odd stretch the temps remain above freezing?


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