Small bed with water line under it

marti8aJune 10, 2013

There is a space between the house and patio, about 2-1/2 feet wide and 10 feet long. The water line to the house is in there, about 2 feet deep.

When we moved here, the last owners had planted boxwood there and I took them out and put in canna. Those didn't stay there long before I took them out and tried some shorter herbs and flowers.

The problem with the area is that it receives runoff water from a roof valley so whatever is there needs to be able to stand in water for short times and then have regular weekly watering.

For the last several years, I've just had rocks and gravel there, but would like to make it a focal point for my courtyard, so I'd like to plant something. But it can't be anything aggressive that will spread into my adjacent dry stream.

Any ideas? I'll post a picture if that will help.

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mistigardens(TX 7/8)

small perennial hibiscus...luna series?

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Ooh, I have one I could move, but I'm not sure it can take the heat - that wall faces west.

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bostedo(8a tx-bp-dfw)

Our Disco Belle, another hibiscus moscheutos dwarf, has done well in a western exposure against a fence with the watering frequency you mentioned. Not sure how it would do facing a reflective patio against a brick wall, but wouldn't hesitate to give it a chance.

Louisiana or some bearded irises might do well mixed in there and would provide some year-round green with blooms before hibiscus or other things even emerge.

You probably have a lot more options if the boxwood was doing well there. Even several of our xeric plants will tolerate occasional soggy feet as long as they're getting lots of sun.

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It didn't look like the boxwoods had been there long and I got them out before their roots had time to get to the pipe.

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I thought I'd start by moving some ditch lilies and found that dh had put a French drain in there too. It's very near the surface, so there goes any idea of planting in there. Drainage there is crucial and it works right now so I'll have to come up with another idea.

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PKponder TX(7b)

Well, the drainage will be amazing! Maybe a great place for some pretty pots of clumping bamboo if you want something tall. I have been envying the Timor Black, but it would not be winter hardy here.

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I thought of clumping bamboo and horse tail rush, in pots on either side of a water fountain or some kind of water feature, and I could put a trailing plant in the water feature too.

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PKponder TX(7b)

I have a bubbling pot, a bubbling orb and a bubbling rock as water features, I really love them all and the birds and squirrels (and my dog and cat) also enjoy the water. I have horsetail rush and parrot's feather if you want a some to start.

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I have horsetail rush already and water clover that might work. If it doesn't trail over right, I might take you up on the offer of the parrot's feather. I used to have some in my pond but it got so invasive I took it out. I've been trying to get rid of the water clover and dollar weed too, but it's hanging in there.

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