Iris bloom in November?

steph_va(7 VA)November 12, 2003

Has anyone ever had one of their bearded irises suddenly bloom in November? I'm used to seeing some bulb shoots come up in fall, but I've never had an iris bloom! I cut the stalk as soon as I realized what it was doing, but now I'm worried that I shouldn't have done that. I'm worried about it not having enough food stored to survive the winter after blooming so late. (We have had some warm days.)

Should I have just left it alone, or is it doomed anyway?


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eduarda(Z10 - Portugal)

Funny you mention that, one of my bearded irises did just the same - it bloomed in late October, for the first time ever! It had 3 (!) stalks with flowers. I was speechless when I saw it too. All the other bearded irises bloomed in their normal period, but this one decided to wait until now to bloom.

All of my irises are from the same breeder (Cayeux, in France) and were purchased simultaneously last year. Some bloomed, some didn´t, but only this one had this behaviour.

I wonder if our abnormally hot Summer had anything to do with it. I just let it bloom normally and didn´t do anything.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

There are some irises that do bloom twice in a season. Reblooming traits sometimes pop up unexpectedly and some varieties have been bred to rebloom -'Immortality' is a nice white one. You either have planted some reblooming varieties or have come across one of the occasional rebloomers that sometimes appear. Enjoy them and don't worry about them!

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There's also Algerian Iris (Iris unguicularis), which normally blooms in winter, for those who are intrigued by this idea.

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There are a number of reblooming irises, though this is not a dependable trait. I have had many bloom through our first few freezes. ~ Suzie

Here is a link that might be useful: A few rebloomers

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webkat5(Z6a MO)

My 'Full Tide' and 'Dover Beach' are currently blooming!!
Crazy isn't it!!

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hag49(Tx z8a)

I'm in Texas and I had quite a few bloom this last month. There's one out there now w/a bloom about to open. I know this is weird. I've never had them do this. I know there are rebloomers, but I've never had any. My roses are just going for another flush. My peonies I planted in Sept. came up and were about 14" tall. We had a moderate freeze so they do seem to be pouting. I probably won't have any blooms this next spring. I'm not sure what's happening, but it doesn't seem to matter which zone, we're all having it.

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