Is this Black Krim picked too early?

Aaron_Wisconsin_(5)July 30, 2014

I picked the first Black Krim yesterday. Interestingly, it's not as "black" as I anticipated. Anyway, the question is I found it still has a little green color near the blossom end (not the shoulder). Is this too early? I am planning to give it some extra time to ripen on the counter. And I also don't know what the black spots are (near the blossom end and the stem end). I haven't cut it. I hope it's not rotten inside.

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The opposite side.

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It should ripen fine on the counter top.

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It's not ripe yet but it will be fine if you leave it for a few days to finish ripening on your counter (out of the sun). It should ripen to a more black colour.

Some people like to eat them when they still have green shoulders, so you will have to experiment and see how you like them best.

Hope you enjoy the taste. I thought they were excellent when I grew them last year!


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And John's msg arrived before I finished mine. Ha ha!


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Thank you, John and Linda!

I guess I will wait for a bit longer when harvesting the next ones.

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donna_in_sask black krim tomatoes always have green shoulders (at the stem end) and not in the middle like the one pictured.

Harvesting early isn't a problem as long as you have colour break. In fact, it might be good practice if you have varmints that like to get to the fruit before you.

I don't think there is a discernible difference in taste between vine ripened and ones ripened on the counter as long as they weren't picked totally green.

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Donna, good observation. It seems to be the only one that have green strips in the middle instead near the stem end. All what I can guess is this tomato grow too long on the vine (first one) and have extra growth from the stem end. Other tomatoes seems regular.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Besides the green shoulders, it's lacking the concentric cracking normally seen around the stem on BK.

What was the source of the plant?

The small black spots are minor damage of some sort; you may need to cut a bit out on the inside.

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I started from commercial seeds-a three variety mix. I am growing one of each and I am quite confident that this one is black krim (different from the other two plants). I believe the absence of cracking is due to dry weather recently.

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