Diatomaceous Earth

dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)January 3, 2010

Do any of you use Diatomaceous Earth ? If so how,and how much ?

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I use it.

What are you trying to use it for???? Ants in the kitchen? Centipedes in the basement? Bedbugs? Fleas? What?

It is also used for water filters. What are you intending to use it for and how big an area?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

I read of using on top of soil for some insect pests ,and wondered if someone used it for that purpose.

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I used to use it mostly around the base of plants for slugs when we lived in the PNW(slug central)before the safer types of slug killer came out. You can also dust the plants, some people use a 'puffer' dispenser, I just used a small paint brush. The DE basically scratches the pests to death as it is tiny crustacean(sp?)shells. Rain will wash it away and you'll have to re-apply. You need to wear a dust mask so you don't breath it in(it's like powder)...other than that, it is not poisonous. It was so long ago that I used it, that I can't remember what pest other than slugs I was using it for...possibly aphids.

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I sprinkle it around my bean seedlings, on the leaves and on the soil, until they're bigger. When I don't do this the slugs/earwigs eat them up.

I think I've read diatomaceous earth works on any crawling insect. As long as they drag their little body over it, it cuts them up.

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It will also kill your bees in the garden. And the earthworms. And any other beneficial insects. DE is not selective. It will also blow in the wind to other areas where it was not applied.

I would suggest only using it indoors on plants.

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