Peppers and other veggies.

bridge1January 22, 2009

Last year we started habaneros indoors in early March. They grew well but didn't ripen until almost October. A little late for making hot salsa. Should we start seeds in February? Most of the plants that we started in March turned out well, but we found you have to keep the grow lights very close to the plants. Geraniums turned out very good. Would appreciate any thoughts on starting seed planting.

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I would suggest starting them as early as you can, but also you can bring the plants indoors over the winter and give them water only once in awhile (basically ignore them). With a little luck they will survive until the weather warms again and then they will produce much faster.

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I haven't grown Habaneros, but last year grew Lemon Drop and had the same problem of them needing a longer season to mature, so I just recently started two plants in hope of earlier ripening. They also took a little longer to germinate than my other peppers, which I usually start mid-March. Of course, a cool growing season will slow down the plants even if we start them early and we can't do anything about that except hope for the best. Still, it wouldn't hurt to start at least a couple Habs earlier than your others.

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last winte i brought my 2 cayenne peppers indoors from the garden. i just dug them up and plopped them into large pots. I wantered them but no other special care was given. they became a little bare but survived. in spring, one went outside and did great and one went to work in a big window and produced as many peppers as the one outside. they both produced earlier and larger than they did originally. the indoor one is almost a small tree - LOL.

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