My latest garden quandaries

gruenwelt(ND - zone 3)November 30, 2002

The area IÂm developing gets morning light, and has several large deciduous trees. Spring through fall this area is nicely nestled in greenery and very shady, but during the winter it is rather barren, so IÂd like to focus on container plants that will be at their best during the winter (SF bay area  mild winters).

Would appreciate your ideas as to:

A flowering vine to grow over an arbor. Winter blooming would be terrific if such a plant exists. I have this wild idea about planting a different vine on each side and letting them commingle. Have you seen something like that work? DonÂt go there?

Hanging planters. The pots will hang on both sides of a large window that has a windowbox beneath it. The window box has gold mums, purple pansies, dusty miller, and maiden hair ferns. IÂd like to put something in the pots with a vertical feel, but am somewhat limited by the weight the brackets could hold up.

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eduarda(Z10 - Portugal)

For flowering vines for a mild area in a shady location, I can offer the suggestions I used in my own garden - polyanthum jasmine and hardenbergia. Both are vigorous evergreen vines, the jasmine has small white and very fragrant flowers, the hardenbergia violet coloured ones. I have both planted in a North facing wall and they grow and bloom beautifully in our mild climate. Both flower for me around the February time frame, so this would qualify them for Winter flowering interest as well.

Maybe you could plant two of each in alternate sides of your harbour. Then underplant with bulbs that are in the same line of colours - blue and white yacinths, anemones, white daffodills, grape yacints, etc. By the time the trees canopies leaf out they should be done blooming. This would be a very smart two tone combination. If you prefer some contrast, add bulbs in contrasting colours, but I think the first option is more sofisticated.

As for something vertical in the hanging baskets, what about some miniature conifers? They won´t be too happy in the shade, though, so you might need to change them on a regular basis.


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gruenwelt(ND - zone 3)

Eduarda, great ideas! I will get right on it! Thank you.

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