My Daffodils are popping up!

KatFebruary 4, 2006

Wednesday I took a walk around my gardens. I noticed that my daffs were coming up. They're not very high, maybe a couple of inches, but they're popping up. I've watched the weather channel and saw they we are going to have highs in the low 30's this coming week. In fact, we've had a light snow this night. I know this won't hurt them, it'll just slow them down. But I've never had them coming up this early. None of my other plants are coming up yet. Usually my irises are the 1st to pop up. They have come up in Feb. during mild winters. Does anyone else have plants popping up now?


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Yep, mine are too. Of course, today, they're covered in snow.
Spring can't get here soon enough!

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junebug1961(z5a WI)

Spring? Geez, I'm in Madison too, and I don't think we've had a decent winter in years...this winter had a promising start, but we've warmed up considerably in January. I long for some decent x-country skiing again...

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Well Junebug, I hope you get snow, but I hope it doesn't come any further east! LOL! I have really enjoyed this winter. Right now though it's 18 out. Hopefully this 'cool' weather will pass soon! :)


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Hi, yes my daffodils are about 4" high and my irises are 2" high now. My hyacinths are going gangbusters too. They are all on the southfacing brick of my house, near our side door, so they come up earlier than my other bulbs every year. An early gift of spring every year, I love it.

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I have crocus in bloom right now! ......waiting for Spring.


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Well, mine haven't grown that much since I first posted this. I do have a few irises coming up, but the tips of their leaves are brown from the cold we've had. Now we're expecting 4" of snow on Thursday with a low of 15. The earliest blooming plant I have is the perennial corydalis. Usually by mid April I have little white flowers on them. They are the 1st to bloom and the last to quit. Another month and they should be looking good. :)


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