Any Hosta Lovers/Addicts In WI????

newhostaaddictFebruary 19, 2007

where are you??

how many do you have???

want a visitor????,,,,LOL

AND,,,, YOU are welcome to come here...

Jill (with just 200,,,1/2 hour south of green bay)

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I'm not sure I'm an addict, but I like hostas! When we moved to our house they were the only landscaping, but there were probably a hundred in our tiny yard! They've been incredibly forgiving as I learn how to garden. They're indestructible- I chop them with shovels, transplant them in the heat of July, put them in full shade, put them in full sun, forget to put them back in the ground at all! They ALWAYS come back and usually look great too! So you can count me as a hosta lover. :)

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Yes indeed, Jill, I love Hostas. I'm down in the S.E. corner, a few miles west of Racine. I'm only up to a hundred or so varieties, but have run out of full shade, so now will experiment with more sun tolerant varieties, as I have lots of areas of part sun/shade. And like turquoise, I am quite rough with Hostas when I want to divide them, often taking a large kitchen knife to them when a shovel won't work. I also have some under Black Walnut trees and they do absolutely fine.


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hi turquoise...whereabouts are you???,,,,are the hostas all the same kind???,,,,or different varieties???

hi daughter lives in Aurora, maybe someday we will "drop in"???

anybody else out there???


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I'm in Madison. But I'm afraid my yard wouldn't be worth a visit, unless you're interested in bananas growing in Wisconsin. :) That's the other thing I love about hostas, they're so versatile, they fit right in with my tropical garden!

I only have two varieties of hosta, the ones I inherited are very common, green and white variegated. Last year I put in some "sun and substance". That's it. So there are plenty of them but pretty much all the same.


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Sure Jill, you can drop in.
Just e-mail me before you come down this way and I'll give you directions.


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julie....great....hope to see you and your gardens sometime soon.... son lives in Madison...(Fitchburg, really) will have to start trading some of those multiple hostas out for other varieties....i'm sure your gardens still look great.....


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

You already know about me!! Won't tell you how many I ordered just last week...eek!

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can't wait to see them,,,

i am still putting my wish list together and calculating my best plan of action,,,lol

and this year,,,you will have to get over here to see my newbies,,,,hope they all make it through,,,


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

This was my list from last week:
Allegan Fog
American Icon
American Sweetheart
Bother Stefan
Cracker Crumbs
Cutting Edge
Komodo Dragon
Queen of the Seas
Designer Genes
Emerald Rough Cut
Ice Age Trail
Rosedale Golden Goose
Solar Flare
Lakeside Cranberry Relish
Silver Threads, Golden Needles

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virginia_w(z3 WI)

I live in northern Wisconsin near the Winter Greenhouse. I admit to being a hosta addict. I now have about 180 varieties and about 3-4 hundred total hostas, since I have 3 and 4 of some kinds. I try to limit my order to about 10 new ones each year, but always find a few at the Winter Greenhouse I have to have. If any of you come to the Greenhouse to buy plants, you are very welcome to stop by. We have no lawn, only plants, in our yard near Winter. My husband keeps reminding me not to clear any more of the woods because the more I plant, the more I have to maintain, but I always see another spot where I can put something. He is actually an enabler since he helps plant, divide, maintains the compost pile, and gives me gift money for plants each year.

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Hi, Jill! If you are 1/2 hour south of Green Bay, we are practically neighbors. I'd love to see your garden. Of course, not today ;-)

I don't know if I have an addiction or not, but I do have to control myself when I am near them. I don't have enough shade at this point, but if I go to Scenic View or Foxfire Gardens, I'm sure I'll end up with more hostas, expecially the minis.

The ones I purchased last year:

Paul's Glory
St Paul (sport of Paul's Glory)
Blue Angel
Wide Brim
Vera Verde

I also have Sum & Substance,at least that is what the plant tag said. I've had it for over 3 years, but it barely grows.

Two yellow/green hostas - I don't know what they are, but I like them.

A few Hostas that I inherited when I bought this property: large green hostas that grow very fast - perhaps dull to some, but I like that they sort of act as a netural zone between other hostas. Lastly - one generic large green and white hosta that I've been tolerating until I can increase my collection. It grows well in a very damp spot, but not so much elsewhere.

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newhostaaddict are getting a LOT i don't have....will have to check the library for pics...

virginia...mapquest says you are 5 hours from me...wish i had gotten into hostas daughter just graduated from stout last she lives the other way...4 hours away...but you never

janet...we all have to start somewhere...i only had "maybe 30" varieties a year and a half i have 200...and can't wait until they get "Bigger"....hopefully all the watering we did last year will have helped...

i'll keep you posted when they are up...


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I moved from Menasha, WI (I bet close to you, Jill) to DeForest, WI (outside of Madison..near you, turquoise), bringing ~147 varieties of hosta with me. We live on the edge of a conservancy with Wisconsin's largest black cherry tree in our backyard. See photo...

I'm truly an addict. I've ordered 23 new varieties in the past two weeks...So I think that brings my count to 170.

Virginia, I'm so jealous! I went to the Winter Greenhouse a couple of years ago while my DH was on a business trip up there. It was AWESOME! In fact, I've never forgot the huge dark green (almost black) hosta they have in their display garden. I asked several people there what it was but NO ONE knew. It wasn't labelled. Do you know which one I mean? It was about 2' high and 4'+ across. The leaves were kind of shiny (if I'm remembering right) but it was the deepest color hosta I've ever seen! If I lived near there, I'd be in serious debt! (or in jail for sneaking a piece of that black hosta from their display garden..I WANT it!) LOL!!

Char (knee deep in snow and more on the way)

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hi char...will have to look you up when we visit our son (in madison)...there are actually a lot of yards with "hostas" around there....

menasha is only 15 min. from me...wish i was collecting hostas a few years ago....i WISH they grew FASTER....

we only got about 6 inches of snow where i am last night....but more on the way tonight....i WAS hoping for a BIG


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hi, just found this forum. I have started dabbling in Hosta the past few years. Don't have too many yet but hope to get a few more this year. Anyone else out there in the Janesville area?

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FlowersForMyFarm(WI z4)

Hi, I always forget about the new Wisconsin forum...

If my list is up to date I'm at about 245 hostas and I'm just a couple miles north of Deforest (also Madison area).

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davej_07(z5 WI)

Just read the Wisconsin forum for the first time this year. Im a certified Hostaholic from the Milwaukee area. I started in this strange obsession a few years ago and Im well over 200 going into this spring. That doesnt include the 100+ seeds Ive started from various hostas. My Father and I are both Hosta nuts and we love garden visitors, drop me a line if youre in the area:)

Also, I'll be doing alot of diiding this spring and will be looking for trades:)


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newhostaaddict careful....the "addiction" sneaks up on you...before you know will be getting rid of those daylilies to make room for hostas...

dave...we will have to swap lists...i hope i have something to share that you don't have...

that goes for you far from fitchburg are you???...


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FlowersForMyFarm(WI z4)

Jill, Fitchburg isn't far at all, just on the other side of Madison, maybe a half hour. You'll have to come by for a visit when you're in town. :-)

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daddylonglegs(z5 WI)

You are right about becoming a Hosta addict, it did sneak up on me. I have been liking them more and more. Only have about a dozen of them, now I'm out of shade.
It's that time of year when we start talking about plant swaps. I may offer my place for a SE WI swap (Waukesha) this year, I'll get a thread going.

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davej_07(z5 WI)

I know this isnt the place to post this, but in case anyone in the area is interested in trading this year..........let me know.

Hosta Name
Sum and Substance
Pineapple Upside-down Cake
Pineapple Poll
Abiqua Drinking Gourd
Stained Glass
Great Expectations
Blue Angel
Blue Umbrellas
Sun Power
Royal Standard
Gold Standard
Super Nova
Ani Machi (Geisha)
August Moon
Olive Bailey Langdon
Robert Frost
Fire and Ice
Sea Fire
Gold Regal
Fortunei Hyacinthina
Tokudama Flavo Circinalis
Elvis Lives
Krossa Regal
Undulata Medio-variegata
Fragrant Blue
Mack the Knife
Fried Bananas
Twist of Lime
Abiqua Moonbeam
Silk Kimono
fortunei AureoMarginata (Gold Crown)
Love Pat
Spilt Milk
Big Mama
Kikuti var. Caput-Avis
Frosted Jade
sieboldiana Elegans
montana On Stage
King Tut
Illicit Affair
Praying Hands
Pauls Glory
Golden Tiara
Golden Sunburst
Allen P. McConnell
Brim Cup
Lemon Lime
Gum Drop
Blue Wedgwood
Birchwood Parky's Gold
Marbled Cream os
Veronica Lake
Moon Lily
montana Aureo-Marginata
Golden Meadows
Wide Brim
Francis Williams
Abiqua Blue Crinkles
Pearl Lake
Lakeside Looking Glass
Cherry Berry
Grey Ghost
Shiro Tama
Radiant Edger
Winter Snow
So Sweet
Ground Master
Abiqua Elephant Ear
Guardian Angel
Jade Scepter
Fan Dance
Banana Muffins
Night before Christmas
Fragrant Bouquet
September Sun
Fair Maiden
Omoto Giboshi
Blue Plisse
Ice Age Trail
Abba Dabba Do
Blue Moon
Blue Boy
Lakeside Lollypop
Lucy Vitols
Cliffords Stingray
Sea Beacon
Eternal Flame
Lakeside Black Satin
Permanent Wave
Little Sunspot
Niagara Falls
Alvatine Taylor
Hydon Sunset
Leola Fraim
Golden Sculpture
Allegan Fog
Dust Devil
Diamond Tiara
Kiwi Black Magic
Alex Summers
Lady in Waiting OS
Red October
Midwest Magic
Silver Edge
Cliffords Comet
Dark Star
Grey Piecrust
Lakeside Shoremaster
Lakeside Mom OS
Sugar and Cream
Lacey Belle
American Halo
Orange Marmalade
Dawn's Early Light
Dorothy Benedict OS
Lakeside Sir Logan OS
Lakeside Surf Rider OS
Maui Buttercups
Streaked sport of Patriot
June Fever
Island Charm
Fried Green Tomatoes
Remember Me
tokudama Blue Shadows
Blue dimples
Morning Light
Paradise Joyce
Black Hills
Heart and Soul
Holy Mole
Sum of All
Ginko Craig
Fire Island
American Sweetheart
Deja Blu
Komodo Dragon
Rainforest Sunrise
Sea Lotus Leaf OS
Spinach Patch
Lakeside Baby Face OS (Streaked)
Blue Betty Lou
Lakeside Sparkle Plenty
First Mate
Regal Splendor
Christmas Tree
Green Gold
Eskimo Pie
Lost My Marbles
Color Glory
American Masterpiece OS
Angel Feathers
Fragrant Summer
Great Reversal
Yellow Splash Rim
Grand Master


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So the other day I was walking around and saw a big beautiful house with a sign that said "The Hosta House". This was right near downtown Madison (I think it was Rutledge Street by Orton Park), on the northern shore of Lake Monona. Hhhmm, I'll have to take a stroll by in summer!

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ginamarina(z4/5 WI)

oh my, I thought I'd check in here, but you guys have gone crazy! :o) I love hostas, but I seem to have more quantity than variety. And to be honest, I don't know what the 5 I have are called, so I better do some research. I have about 100 of them dividing my lawn from my "meadow" (where no one mows!) but they're all the same. The rest I've traded for here and there. I want to get a better collection because they are one of few plants that are considered non-toxic for my cat garden, and I'm sure the kitties will love hiding under them!

I'm in Appleton, I'll do some research and let y'all know what I have!


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ginamarina(z4/5 WI)

I just went to and about had a heart attack :P

I have no idea where to start as far as ID'ing my hostas. The one I have a few hundred of look like the one on the link below. It has pale purple flowers, wide leaves with yellow outlines, and is more on the blue side, about 18' tall. My mother got these from a nursery a zillion years ago...

Here is a link that might be useful: Most of my hostas are like this one....

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hi dave...

sent you an email...did you get it??...jill

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sla762(z5 WI)

Jill - where do you live??? I too, live 1/2 hour south of GB - in Appleton!! We could connect!

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hi sla...

i live in Forest Junction....east of appleton....on hwy 10...

what golf course do you live on???....i used to work at Butte des Morts...

give me a jingle when you want to visit....jill

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davej_07(z5 WI)

Hey Jill,\
I'll have to look again, butI didnt see one.


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email me....jill

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

I will probably be looking from some trades come spring! I have also started some hostas from seed this year. You will have to give us more information about the hosta sale in Cedarburg, because sounds like somewhere I need to be!

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davej_07(z5 WI)

Anyone wanting info for the Cedarbug sale please email me and I will foreward it along. This sale is at a private residence and I don't want to just publicly post his home addy and such. All I can say is you WONT be disappointed, even if you just go to look.........yes, right hosta nuts just going to LOOK:)


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buckhill(z4 WI)

Wow--some of you are serious hosta-holics!! My mom was bragging up my hosta/shade garden last summer, so I finally thought I should count mine (thinking I must be up to 15-20 different ones by now.) Well, there turned out to be 30! (I was feeling like that was a lot, but now after reading some of your lists, I realize I am just getting started!) Most I just have one of. Wonder where those all came from?? But since my vehicle does automatically turn into any nursery I see, I'm sure I can up that number this year. Come on, spring!!


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hi becky....

YEP....Hosta "ADDICTION" DOES SNEAK up on you....

welcome to the club....jill

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davej_07(z5 WI)

Addiction?!?!?!?!? No.......its NOT an addiction.........I can stop whenever I want to........Im completely in control........I have Hosta, Hosta doesnt have me.........(as he sits in the corner and trembles)


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sla762(z5 WI)

Jill= We live on Riverview CC golf course. I would LOVE to see your collections sometime!!!!

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ginamarina(z4/5 WI)

Would anyone be interested in swapping some plants? I have TONS but they are all one kind. I like them, but I want to have a variety area in my enclosed garden!


how hard is it to start them from seed? Ebay has seeds, but I don't need 100 of the same variety :P

Here is a link that might be useful:

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Wow! I am not sure if I am more amazed by the large number of different hosta varieties that some of you have, or by the fact that you can keep track of having that many different kinds of hostas and where you are growing them!

I seem to live somewhat near Julie and Dave, so if they are willing to do a garden tour sometime I'd love to see their plants. Would want to wait until the hostas were up and growing, of course, mine are behind this year because of the snow and cold. I only have about 5 varieties, and don't know what they are called, so I doubt I could tempt you with any hostas for a trade. But I have lots of other plants if you still do other flowers and things. I started a hosta/shade garden 2 years ago, in addition to the ones in the yard elsewhere, but also have columbine and spring bulbs and things growing with them.

Marcia (near the 7 Mile Fair)

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I have a few hostas, but I do have to spray them as they are major deer candy. How do you guys deal with the deer problem?

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warhawk_grad(z4a WI)

Caught hosta fever about ten years ago, and have been happily feverish since. Every year I promise myself I'll label, map and photograph the ones I have before I add new ones.

I believe one symptom of my fever is delusions...

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)


Sorry to tell you, but we have no deer eating garden problems here whatsoever. Birds, rabbits, squirrels, and slugs, but nothing as big as a deer. I hit a deer with my car about 5 miles from home last fall, but that's a different kind of deer problem. I don't know why, maybe because there is so much other stuff to eat (we have 5 acres), but they don't come near our house.


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nanatink(Z4 WI)

Holy Guackamoli I didn't know there WERE that many different kind of Hostas!
I'm new to them and was patting myself on the back for having picked up 10 at a garage sale this past weekend for $12. LOL I have no idea what KIND they are... guess I'll sit back and try to learn from those who have gone before me. @_(_,_)_@

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kiendu(WIS z4)

I'm a hosta lover too.... in Osseo Wisconsin, about 20 miles SE of Eau Claire.

Last count a few years ago was 392 hosta, and around 80 different kinds. I'll have to update my lists again this year.

They're addicting, always thinking, dreaming, planning, buying, ect about hosta. Couldn't imagine gardening without them.

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took pictures of my hostas today....

278 different kinds and still counting...

wanted to get some pictures of them "Before" the stupid helicopters and possible hail storms wreck them...


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI


Do copper strips work or do you use chopper strips?


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tsugajunkie....LOL...."helicopters" are "tree seeds"


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

The helicopters were so bad this spring, I had little maple trees by the millions in my beds. Still trying to clean them out of there!!

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looking for an elvis on stage hosta here in north cackilacky,,,help me out please!!!!!!

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suzy_q_granny(z3 MN.)

Did you get my email ?

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Several years ago, we bought a variety of large leaf hostas from the grower shown at the link above - Shades of Green. They are located between West Salem & La Crosse, out on a county trunk road. To use a technical term, they had/have about a bazillion varieties on site

The varieties that we bought have nicely survived some nasty weather, children, and ham-fisted transplanting. They came through this summers drought much better than some of our other hostas from other source locations, even with little watering by me.

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Has anyone been over by Osseo for hostas? I heard there is a place right off of Hwy 10. Any feedback or info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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i would have to say it was a bit of a disappointment for me.

thought we would see a field FULL of growing hostas..

instead was a field full of weeds..

his list of hostas for sale is impressive...however...maybe only 1% of them on sight..

he was a very nice man to visit, though...

and i DID manage to buy a couple of hostas, too...


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Newhostaaddict, saying 'a bit of a disappointment' regarding the weeds is being very kind.

He has many of his own streaked seedlings that are looking nice, I hope he will have good luck with them.

Seems health reasons have set him back a little.

Yes, very very nice man to chat with, he definitely knows his HVX stuff, which I was glad to hear.

I did buy a couple nice looking plants and believe the future can be bright for him and fellow hostanistas in the central WI area.

Still really do miss Foxfire!!

PS I live in Wausau.

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hostalisa,,,,my mother taught me to try always to be "kind"

now,,,,if you want to be blown away by a "bazillion" hostas...

I can recommend a good day at Als Autobody and Arboretum in Walworth, will be amazed...

and he also has a good number of choices for sale...


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My sister in law and I ended up stopping there and I really liked the guy. I would go back again as when I stopped I didn't buy. We rent right now and when we move everything comes with; I don't want to dig more than we already have. He had a decent amount of hostas there but yes it was different than what I was expecting.

Hostalisa, I live near Wausau. I didn't get to experience Fox Fire but heard a lot about it. I'm always on the lookout for new places to go. Once we buy a house then I can do more buying.

I did buy a Sagae earlier in the summer and it's taking right off. I did get a nice chunk though.


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