How do you keep cement chinking from cracking?

meadow_lark(7)December 21, 2001

I am building several raised beds, using salvaged stone from a local blasting area. I need suggestions on how to keep the cement chinking from cracking in the cold weather. I've heard if you mix peat moss in with the cement, it will be less likely to crack.

Also, any recommendations on the best kind of cement mix to use would be appreciated... (I'm trying to find something affordable... and I'm mixing by hand.)

Thanx! Meadow Lark

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Dagget(5/6 Central OH)

I don't claim to know much about cement, but I do know that most of the time when morter cracks, it is because the stones settle or move, and not the fault of the mortar mix. I also know that if you have joints so that water can settle in and seep between stone and mortar, it will freeze and thaw and then crack.

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