Snow peas

notned64(z8 CA)December 4, 2003

I've read entries on this site but this is my first question. Here in the central valley, I've been told that late October is the right time to plant peas for an early spring harvest. It's working well except for my ongoing gopher wars. My question: I'd like to fill in the gaps (gopher) (sigh) I read a seed catalog that says that peas will germinate down to 45F, but we've had a couple of freezes and I'm thinking starting them in a container in the house might be better. What do you think?

Also let me know if you think this might have gone better in four-season gardening or veggie gardening.

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notned64(z8 CA)

Hmmm. I must have put this in the wrong place, so I'll answer my own question after doing some research. Peas don't transplant well but they are supposed to germinate down to 45 degrees. So it seems I should wait until early spring and fill the gaps. In answer to the second part; I'll try the veggie forum if I have other questions.

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