Wall O Water?

turquoise(5)February 13, 2007

Has anyone tried these? The manufacturer says you can plant up to 2 months early, but that would be mid March!! Has anyone successfully planted veggies outside in March here in Wisconsin?? Thanks, I'm thinking about ordering them and would love to know other people's experiences.

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Yes, I've been using them for years for toms and peppers. I cover my entire veggie garden with black plastic for heat and no weeds and plant the tomatoes on hills with an opening cut in the plastic for the plant to grow in. I apply the plastic as soon as the snow is melted off the garden and it dries a little. Set up the teepees (W o'W's) and let them warm up for as long as it takes, depending on the weather.

Once it gets warm in the teepees set out the plants. Keep in mind that any part of the plant sticking out the top will freeze, so don't put a huge plant in there!

Any questions, feel free to contact me.


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Thanks Constance! I'm looking forward to giving it a try!

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Hey, I've been considering these as well and have a few stupid questions - do the wall o' waters have some way to open to get them off the plants once they've grown through or are you s'posed to take them off before then? Also, do you hafta fill each cell individually or do they self- level as you fill one?

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Farmer, they are built like tomato cages--in other words, you pull them off the top of the plant. Wall O'Waters serve no purpose once the plant is growing through, so once the plant busts through the top of the 'teepee' causing it to remain open, remove the teepee. Or pinch back your plant; take your pick.

You fill each cell individually--18 of them.

With proper cleanup and storage, they last for years~

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Violet_Skies_(5b S.Central WI)

I use them too. When you want to take them off the plant, you just gently 'squish' them so some of the water squeezes out, then just lift them up and off. They aren't that heavy. Also, early in the season, you only fill the tubes about 2/3 full, then squish the tops together so there is only a small opening for air. This retains the heat better when it's really cold. Later, fill them all the way so the tops remain open to the sun.

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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

several years ago I made some using 20 oz soda pop bottles. I used exterior grade construction adhesive in my caulking gun and glued them together around a canning jar, tying them with twine until the glue dried. When it was very early in the season, I cut out a milk carton to cover the top. They lasted several seasons.

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dirt, Weren't they kinda small? Wall O'Waters are pretty good sized.

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