My Winter Garden

Bill_zone6(W. Pa)December 14, 2001

All I can say at this time, is that my garden does not have enough winter interest. This season deserves the same attention as others. What, maybe 5 or 6 months of dormancy?

I have added several shrubs and grass plants this fall, and can already see improvement.

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What specifically do you plant to add interest?


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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Hi Wes, specificaly are Buddleia, Calamagrostis, Ilex, Perovskia, Buxus, Pennisetum

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Consider the Ilex crenata (?) "Sky Pencil". They have already added substantially to my winter garden. Their form contrasts so with other less geometric evergreens that I have there.

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Try of course many of the ornamental grasses which look great dried, add red/yellow/orange twig dogwood shrubs. Perhaps Harry Lauder Walking Stick? Also many conifers have needles which turn colors - coppery pink, orange or purple in the winter. If self-sowing is not a concern, many perennials dried with seedheads look great over the winter...Rudbeckia, Monarda. Echinops. I strip off the leaves and just leave the dried seedheads above clean stalks. Looks great and birds appreciate it. Add some low voltage lighting to highlight anything that is interesting. Always looks awesome especially after some snow.

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Bill_zone6(W. Pa)

Ah, David I think you hit the mark with the suggestion of low voltage lighting. This lighting is a subject of it's own. Ortho's How to Design & Install "Outdoor Lighting" is a good reference. Many ideas and the how-to for easy projects.

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What about winter blooming heath and heather? Darley Heath is good to zone 4 and is said to bloom fall to spring. Some forms of Erica carnea planted together will give blossom from late fall to early spring.

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Sue_Bee(z6 NE Mass)

I panted my first miscanthis grass (sp??) this year and although it is still small I can already tell how nice it is going to look. We had our first snow last week and the snow looked very graceful on the plums.

If you're interested in winter blooming heath/heathers, try Rock Spray Nursery on Cape Cod (I believe their web site is They are having a Christmas sale right now.

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I have a 2 acre, mostly sun, winter garden. It is also a wet garden in winter. Winter is my longest season, so I focus on it so that I can walk through it all winter.
I have lists of winter garden plants for Zone 5 if anyone would like them.
I am looking for an orange-twig dogwood, and mailorder/website sources for a large selection of colored-twig dogwood shrubs. Any suggestions for me? I already have midwinter fire, midwinter flame, etc.


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kansas5(z5 KS)

I would love your list for winter garden plants. I lack winter interest in my garden. Thank you!

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teresa_b(z6 MO)


I would also like your list. We will be building a new home soon and it occurred to me that I want to start with a winter garden.

Thanks in advance,


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Living in Buffalo, our winters seem to last forever. I am so happy that I planted a pagoda dogwood where I can see it from the house. It has dark red twigs and has a beautiful horizontal branching habit that catches the snow. Very nice. I have it as an understory shrub because it needs some shade. This spring I will plant some evergreens. Holly and ... I'm still thinking. Winters are fine but I'm so happy to see buds and new growth!

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sheila2u(z6 NY)

Can someone please tell me what temperature I should keep the heater set at in my little plant house in order to keep my potted perennials safe and healthy for the winter ?
Zone 6..Thank you.

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Sheila, tacking a question onto an old post (and one that requests email follow-ups) is not a very good idea, as the questions often get overlooked. And the OP gets unwated/unrelated emails!! Better to start a brand new thread.

To answer your question, perennials for the most part are pretty hardy and will tolerate, and in many cases require, cold winter temperatures for necessary dormancy and vernalization. You just want to set your thermostat so that the pots do not freeze solid, potentially causing root damage. You do not want to provide so much heat that the plants continue to grow through winter - they need to go dormant. Personally, I'd probably not turn on any heat at all unless you are predicted to experience a cold snap with temperatures in the low 20's or teens for an extended period. Then just set it to keep the temperature just at or slightly above freezing.

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judyny6(z6 NY)

Wintergardener- Forest Farm has a good selection of dogwoods, along with about every other plant in the world! I spend most of the winter looking through their catalog- their website is I am also interested in you list of winter interest plants, so I hope you check back. Judy

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i'm probably to late but if you do check back I'd love to have your list if it applies to partial shade plants. My lot is forested. Thankyou in advance.

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