Too early for seeds?

madisonkathyFebruary 28, 2013

(Wake up! Time to stop hibernating!) It happens every year. I start my seeds too early, and by the time I can put them outside, they're long and spindly. I'm anxious to get my hands dirty. Are there any flower or veggie seeds I can start now?

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Petunias and impatiens come to mind. Perhaps coleus as well.


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Thanks, tsuga, good to see you around. Hope when the weather gets warmer, we have a few more folks from 'scansin posting.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Your welcome, Kathy. I don't recall this forum being this dead before. And since this spring will be much longer in coming than last spring, we may only hear crickets chirping here for some time. ;-)


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I heat my greenhouse in the middle in of winter in Wisconsin with a natural gas heater. Watch my video

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I know that I'm coming in here late so this is probably for next year. That early for Wisconsin planting I would start tomatoe and peppers. Why? because you can transfer them to bigger pots and you can prune them to bush them out and in the end you will have bigger more mature plants to put out and they should produce more because of the pruning. Don't forget, you can overwinter pepper plants. I have one that I am going to put out. It is sort of small right now, but I have not fed it anything all winter....I know, I'm a meanie but I've been sick ...all I could do to water it some of the time. I'm feeling better now and looking to start a brand new lasagna style back to eden type garden outside on my sandy soil. So sandy that the frackers are harvesting in practically in my back yard. I hate it. Thanks,vicki

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