Daffodils are comming up anyone else seeing theres?

hostalover360(4)February 19, 2010

With this resent streatch of warm sunny weather, the snow has melted away from the south side of our house, and where the snow is gone, I'm see Daffodils pushing there way up! the daffodils in my other gardens are still buried under a thick snowcover. Has anyone else see any of their spring flowers coming up yet? Spring is not far away now it seems.

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We just got several inches of snow, so everything is covered. Usually my irises are the first to start pushing up.


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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

I got nothing yet.

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Nothing. Even if they were starting to stir they would be under three feet of snow.

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south side of the house....hyacinth & crocus peeking through.

Rest all under snow, but hopefully not much longer.

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The tulips in the front of my house are starting to poke out now that the snow has melted. I'll have crocuses soon when the snow over that part of the garden melts.

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After 3 days of rain and fog, the snow is gone in my yard and I have Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus and Hyacinth all up about 3", Daffs even have buds on the south side of the house. Just in digging around a little, it doesn't seem like we even had much frost in the ground. We had all that snow before it got cold, and that seems to have protecetd lots of things.


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Daffs, hyacinths, and crocus are popping up on the north and east sides of our yard. I planted about 100 new bulbs last fall, so I am eager to see what comes up. Hopefully, the squirrels did not get too many. :)


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My crocus and hyacinth are poking up now that the snow has melted. They're both about an inch high. I'm hoping the voles didn't eat many of my bulbs. They sure made lots of dirt trails all over my front lawn. Yipee.

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My daffs and irises are really coming up now. The snow is all gone and we're finally getting some sun. This week looks like a good one too. Things should really start growing now.


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beck_wi(z5 WI)

Its all up.. I have a few mum sprigs poking their heads up.

I even have leaves on my Bluebeard Spirea.

I'm really hoping that we don't get another cold snap--- if we do I'm in trouble. lol

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I agree with you, Beck. My hellebores are blooming, and I even have a few columbine starting. I'd love to have an early spring (we deserve one!), but I've seen snow here in May, so I'm not optimistic.

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Well, it looks like our nice weather is coming to an end soon. Saturday we'll be getting the cold weather again and maybe snow. Looks like all of next week will be cold. : ( Well, it was nice while it lasted.


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Well the cold weather has passed. I had lows temps in the lower 20s both Saturday morning and this morning! did everyones plants make it through, Mine have, and now I see it will stay warm for at least a couple of days. Last weeks warmth really brought up my Daffodils, Tulips and Hycathins. The snoe has been gone for well over a week now, and In my main garden, Daffodils are already over an inch and a half tall already!

On the south side of my house where it stays warm, I've got daffodils nearly in bloom! I posted a picture below. My aunts daffs along the south side are almost blooming as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Daffodil-South side pic

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Daffodil clump

This one is the tallest, This picture is a bit old though, Today I saw it was starting to open!

Actually I finally figured out how to post pictures to garden web, So I'd thought I'd share.

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Ours are starting to bloom today!

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