Southern Magnolia loosing leafs

ipribadiJune 11, 2007

I planted a 15-gal southern magnolia 2 months ago.

It was from a container and I made sure it wasn't planted too deep and was properly mulched.

Ever since, the magnolia would keep loosing its leaves. The leaves would turn yellow then brown and then fall off.

At the same time it still buds new leaves, but it has lost 50% of all its leaves in the past 2 months.

I've given it adequate water and fertilizer (N2). Adding fertilizer helped it be more green, but it's still losing leaves at about the same rate it's regenerating new leaves.

Could it be too much watering? It's at a low spot in my yard and Austin, TX has been receiving about 1-2" of rain per week for the past 2 months.

Can anyone advise me what's wrong with my southern magnolia?


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That's normal, they loose leaves all year long. In the Spring more, as long as it is setting new buds, I wouldn't worry. Sounds like you are doing all of the right things.
Good luck

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

It's an Iron Deficiency..My neighbor had the same problem and I suggested Iron and it stopped...Jeanne

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I've heard of folks using Ironite on their mags. Last year was the first year I used an organic blend acid fertilizer and even with the drought, I had a ton of flowers this year. Not supposed to fertilize until after it's done flowering, which may already be here for you.

They do lose leaves in the spring. Right now it's hard to stay on top of clean up. (I usually rake them and mulch / mow above the roots and let the mulch sit)

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Watering is critical for newly planted trees, expecially when it starts getting hot. A tree dissipates most of its water through its leaves. If it loses its leaves, it won't need as much water. Feel the soil to wee if the soil is wet or dry and water accordingly. If your tree is puting on new leaves, most likely it will be ok. Pay attention to your watering.

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This is from another forum here at GW

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnolias

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harrellpn(San Antonio,TX)

My magnolia is just over a year old, and made is through the San Antonio ICE this year, it is about 6 feet tall, but has not bloomed yet, I am also using muracid, I think that is how it is spelled, lots of peat moss, and iron shavings. It is very green, growing in full sun. Does it take a few years for them to start blooming? Also, are there suggestions on how to get the truck larger in diameter?

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