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masterofcoffee(4)February 20, 2009


Every year I have problems with my holly plants. Last year, I purchased some small holly plants, and with our heavy snow got crushed. This year I purchased a much larger, $50 holly. It had beautiful red berries, but as the snow melted from the recent heat wave, I found that this too had been crushed from the snow. Unfortunately, it gets covered from snow that falls off of the roof. What can I do to prevent further damage to the plant?



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Move it away from roof snow fall? I have, or more properly had a row of blueberries under a 2nd story deck. My wife shoveled the snow off the deck and it all fell on the blueberries. They got shattered and died.

The moral: don't place valued plants where heavy snow will fall on them.

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I plantd 5 holly plants under some spruce that the bottom branches are thining,they are totaly exposed to the wind
and get quite dry in summer.How much are yours growing per year.


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