Growing Day Neutral Strawberries

greenbeansFebruary 20, 2007

Hi everyone -

I'm attempting strawberries for the first time this spring and will be planting them in strawberry pots and hanging baskets. Does anyone have recommendations for a good place to get good strawberry plants, around Madison? Bare root or in pots are equally good.

Or, has anyone started them from seed? Tips?


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greenbeans, I never heard of growing strawberries in pots...interesting. My first thought is: What do you plan to do with them in winter?

I've also never known anyone to start them from seed...I'd say buy plants. Jung and Gurney both are reliable sources for these. You can place your order now and they will ship at the appropriate time for you. Jung also has several stores here in Wisconsin--Point and Randolph come to mind.

Good luck, and do let us know how this works out :)

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Thanks for the response, Elvis. You can definitely grow them in containers (that's what strawberty pots are for). I think you just plant them in the spring, harvest throughout summer (unless you get june-bearing), and don't expect them to survive the winter. :) You just end up treating them like annuals, basically.

there was at least one variety on the Jung's website that was listed as good for container growth, but that's about all I know. So, it'll be an experiment this summer. Fingers crossed.

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