Milwaukee Now Has 2nd Snowiest Winter

KatMarch 22, 2008

As of 10pm Friday night, the snowfall for the season in Milwaukee has reached 95.4", which makes it the 2nd snowiest winter. And it's still snowing. I had to go to work today and it was horrible. Coming home at 11pm wasn't any better. Many streets were worse than in the mid afternoon when I went in. I just don't understand their plowing/salting strategy. They knew we were getting a lot of snow, but they said the pavements were warmed up and it would turn to slush. Well a lot of that slush turned to ice tonight which made it really difficult to drive thru. I even drive following bus routes and they lousy. There were a lot of people getting stuck when they tried to turn and slid into snowbanks instead. I just hope this is the last one for the season.

Hope the rest of you are safe and warm in your homes!


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pondwelr(z5 WI)

We got 11 inches here in West Bend. I had a lazy day, and made a pot of chili. Today the sun was so warm, the roads were completely melted and dry.
Like everyone else, I am ready to be done with this snow stuff. Gardening magazines and catalogs are arriving. Makes me antzy.
My front lawn is all gravel and fill, so it dries out quickly. My backyard is 7 feet lower, and takes forever to be able to dig into. It will be awhile before I can get out and dig into the dirt.
Can't wait! Pondy

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We went out today, and you'd never guess we had a bad storm. The streets and sidewalks were fine, the snow was falling off the roofs and we're seeing patches of the lawn again. We still have some 3 to 4 ft drifts in our yard, but I'm sure they'll be disappearing fast as long as we get some sun.
I'll be buying very few perennials this year, but I'm going to be dividing/moving a lot around. Our backyard slopes down too, but since our neighbor in the back is even lower, I don't have a problem with water staying in the beds. All my flower beds drain pretty well, it's the lawn, in spots, that stays wet a lot longer.


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Pondy- I live in West Bend, too! Not sure if you've "signed on" for the plant swap, but you should! Anyway, this snow is driving me absolutely nuts! Ever since I moved in fall, I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty. Anyone having problems with flooding?

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pondwelr(z5 WI)

Kat, have you ever done winter sowing? Trudi D makes is sound so easy. Also, do you have a veggie garden?

Mommie Rose. Hey, welcome neighbor! I honestly dont know anything about a plant swap. did I miss something here?

All the snow has shrunk considerably since Friday. Yea.
This was a really nice day. Good soul food, good family food. I cant wait for the ice to go off the pond. Spring will be so welcome! Pondy

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Pondy, I've never done winter sowing. I don't have the time or room to start seeds in the house. I do have a veggie garden. I'm going put some brussel sprouts in this year. I tried them many years ago, but my garden was small and I wanted other veggies more. But now I have the room to plant them. Hubby and I love them!


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Yeah, we've broken the record here in Madison! We passed the 100 mark on Friday and are expecting a few more inches tomorrow! The meteorologist on last night's news said "something unusual is happening", but didn't say what could be causing this. Does anyone know? Is it just a fluke?

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Congratulations, Turquoise!

Our local weatherman won't commit to any definite forecast either, but the latest I've heard is that central WI will get the most snow between tonight and tomorrow - aren't you lucky! However, that all depends on how the wind currents flow coming out of Canada, and from the prevailing Westerlies, AND temperature. The different computer models our weatherman is looking at seem to contradict each other. We could get anywhere between 3 and 6" or more of snow, depending on so many variables. We're hoping for more rain down here (SE corner of the state) - not that we need it, but we're tired of shoveling snow!

Stay safe!


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