Building Thick Swamp Forest

kzkydhJanuary 25, 2013

I would like to create a thick swamp forest from an open wetland area in zone 5.

Current property environment:
-15 acres
-Standing water 4" deep year around with 24" of muck
-Ful sun for the most part - there are a few trees here and there, but they are mostly dead
-In the spring, it may have as much as 1.5' of water for a couple weeks
-Not easily walk-able or usable - you sink
-Currently has a 24" tall clumping grass - not think enough to stabilize the ground (not sure the type, but bumble bees love the tops in late summer)

I would like to plant something that does the following.

1) Firm up the ground for walking a bit
2) Provide animal cover and maybe even food (deer)
3) Spread fast and compete with the existing grass
4) Grow 4+ feet high (higher and thicker the better)
5) Grow in muck with little oxygen at the roots

I would really like it to become a thick swamp forest type of space.

Any advise? --bamboo, Arundinaria gigantea, river cane, ???


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Another key point. The wetland never freezes. It has been 0deg fer. for the past week and in the 20's for 6 weeks and zero ice.

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I would go with Bald Cypress; does great in swampy land. If you want some deer I would add swamp white oak, Swamp Chestnut oak, and willow oak. The acorns of these trees are a favorite of deer.

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I would try using Pond Cypress (Taxodium ascendens), they're usually found in swamps with stagnant water.

Bald Cypress is naturally more associated with rivers.

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