Relocate raspberry bushes?

mom2alexazachevanMarch 31, 2006


We're moving to our new home in a month and I'm wondering if I can indeed take some of my raspberry bushes with me. Does it matter what time of the year I dig them up or is it even worth the effort of doing so? Should I just plant new ones?

Any help or ideas are much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi Melissa,
I've successfully transplanted mature raspberry bushes in the past. Early spring seems to be the best time. Just cut them back about 1/3 when you replant, keep them well watered and mulched and they should be okay. Good Luck!

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Raspberries transplant pretty well. I know because I have given plants to lots of my friends. It is harder to dig up old plants than to plant new plants, though, so I would only transplant them if you are really fond of your variety, or cheap like me. :-) Also be sure that you aren't violating anything in your contract for selling the old house. The evil people who bought my last house specified that I had to leave all vegetation. Then of course they killed everything possible and made everything lawn. Even sodded over the daffodils and crocus when they wouldn't stop coming up. I try not to think about it, but it is sad how they killed about 200 raspberry plants plus gazillions of other things!


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Marsha, I'm so sorry you had to see what the evil people did to your flower & raspberry beds. I know I would be devastated if we ever move from here & some one would do that. I hope your friends were able to replace some of the things you lost when you moved.

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Thanks for all of the advice. I told my husband to make sure that the raspberry bushes are addressed in the contract before we put it up for sale. Looks like I'll be doing alot of digging this weekend.


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Hi, all. It's my understanding that anything 'attached' to the property stays unless otherwise addressed. i.e., apple trees, perennials, etc.

Back on subject, I've moved 'em at various times with great success. As Coleen stated, prune them by 1/3 back, which you would do each early spring anyway, along with cutting out your dead canes.

Good luck with your move! Where ya going?


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Hi Constance!

Yes, you're right about everything "attached" staying once the house is up for sale, anything you do before then is fair game.
We're not going far, just to a "60's modern" house I fell in love with, but needed alot of work. What started out as my fun little project has become an overwelming endevour! We're almost done though, carpet is being laid on Friday.

Thanks for the input regarding the raspberry bushes.


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Hi Melissa,

Congratulations on your new home and the fix up. I know how that goes just from small projects here. No way could I handle more than one room at a time.

If there are other plants you want to take with you, I think this time of year you could dig almost anything before you put the house up for sale. I've read where some people plant in a kids swimming pool. On moving day you could take them out and pop them into a plastic bag for the trip to their new home.

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