Asparagus in a very large planter box?

liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)June 14, 2008

I'm thrilled to be living in the woods. But I have very few places to plant sun plants that aren't watered by the septic spray heads. (The water is fully treated before being released, but still...) We will be building several large planter boxes on the deck for vegetables. Would it be possible to grow asparagus this way?

Most of my beds won't be much more than a foot deep, but I could make one bed deeper for asparagus. I know they like to grow long roots. I could also place my crowns a foot or more in from the edge to help protect them from freeze. Most beds will be about 4 feet wide, though if I placed the asparagus next to the house I'd probably make that bed 2 or 3 feet wide.

Any thoughts on whether this might be successful? What soil depth would you recommend for the planter box? While I've read a lot about it, I've never grown asparagus before.

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In the Texas heat, our much loved Asparagus doesn't grow.

If you can, read up on where they grow best.

As for your planter boxes, the annuals will do well, with lots of water and will provide you allot of wonderful color.

If your considering growing in a 'raised bed' set up which is allot larger than 'planter box's just be sure to use allot of amendments to the soil.

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Well, I don't know about the rest of the state, but asparagus sure flourishes in the Dallas area. I've enjoyed cutting from others' asparagus beds, even if I haven't had one of my own. I'm just not sure it can be grown in a box on a deck - even if the box is 4' square and a few feet tall. My previous garden's raised beds sat on actual soil, so the roots could go down several feet if they wanted to. I know that asparagus roots can be as much as 12' deep. I just don't know if they need that much depth to be happy.

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liz_h(7/8 DFW Texas)

Just a note in case anyone else is curious. I found several references on the web to successfully growing asparagus in containers. A bare minimum container size is 5 gallons, but at least 10 gallons is recommended. My starter box will be about 12 square feet, with a 2.5 foot soil depth. I figure this is roughly 40 gallons.

I'd post the references I found, but it looks like I forgot to bookmark them.

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I am attempting to grow asparagus in a pot. So far so good but they're still young. I bought a six pack of plants (not sure how old they were - probably 1 year olds?) and then put them in a large pot but they quickly out grew the pot and roots were peeping out of the bottom within a few months. I repotted them and they seem to be doing well. The new asparagus are getting thicker too.

I would love to see any other peoples experience with this too. I have looked around online and haven't seem much at all. Everyone advises against trying it...well, here is my experiment ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: click here to my CONTAINER ASPARAGUS experiment

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