Don't know what to plant and when

squidincambriaMarch 13, 2009

We are from California and this is our first spring in Wisconsin. The ground is still frozen and we still have snow on the ground we would like to start our vegi's this year but We have no clue where to start. We also don't know what vegetables and herbs do well in this climate.

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Welcome to Wisconsin!

You may as well start with the Wisconsin University Extension website

It will provide some good general info on growing stuff in Wisconsin.

For me in the southern part of the state (zone 5) April 15th and May 20th are dates I work from in terms of when to put what into the ground. April 15th for stuff that can take a frost/freeze and May 20th for stuff that can't. These dates are not hard and fast rules and for stuff that not only won't tolerate a frost, but won't really grow well at all until the soil is warm like peppers and pumpkin I usually wait until June first or so.

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Well squidincambria.. the old saying in Wi is summer starts July 31st. Aug 1st is the first day of fall...... :)

Welcome to our.. as we think.. Great State!

Your neighbors and local garden center are you best referencews. The latter a great contact to make.

Enjoy! It only snows in May in very odd yrs.. :) in Wisconsin.

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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

Welcome to the state! Do you actually live in Cambria? I go through there every day on my way to work.


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One of the groups I'm looking to get involved in just posted a calendar on their website of when to seed/transplant/direct-sow/and harvest different vegetables. I plan on using it myself!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Victory Garden Initiative yahoo group

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Hey there Squid. I use my local County Extension office...alot! I'm in Brown County, the number there is (920)391-4615. Of course, there's probably something closer to where you are. But, if you can't find anything, they may be able to tell you who to contact in your area. By the way, when you get tired of the cold and move back to Cali...please take me with you!

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May 2, Vegetable Gadening for Beginners at the Ag and Extension Service Center in Green Bay. 920-391-4653 to register and its free. they may have info on something near you if you call them. also Green Bay Botanical Garden 920-490-9457 is a good reference.

Welcome to your new home! April showers bring May flowers (but it also helps wash away the rest of the snow)!

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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

Saturday April 18th. At Portage Park & Rec Department, 806 Silver Lake Drive. From 1-2:30 is Vegetable Gardening Basics. Being put on by Columbia County Master Gardeners and Sustain Columbia. This first portion of the seminar is being put on by Becky Gutzman. She is the past president of WI master gardeners association and is currently working in the Columbia County Extension office.

They would appreciate pre-registration 608-742-9680.


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Welcome to Wisconsin!

Because the climate is so different from what you are used to, there are a couple of books that you might find helpful. Month By Month Gardening in Wisconsin and The Garden Book of Wisconsin by Melinda Meyers. The books together will help you answer many of the questions you have and many you will have later.

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