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MollyMohawkMarch 3, 2014

I am new to this forum business. I have about 25 years of gardening experience. But many years of that was experimenting, attempting, fails and successes. I am a big fan of container gardening.
This year I have 5th n 6th generation cherry tomatoes, sunflowers, purple beans, sweet peas and many other 2nd or 3rd generation flowers and peppers etc.

This is our first full summer in our new house outside of Madison. My significant other bought me (to arrive in May) 2 different zone 4 grapes. Dwarf self pollinating peach tree and D.S.P. cherry tree along with 2 dwarf apple trees. I am huge on doing my research but I figure practical advice is always welcomed.

My two main questions are 1. I plan to train/prune my trees into the "bowl" or "goblet" style. 3 prong best? Anyone with any suggestions forhow to go about getting the best quality (not quanitity) from my dwarfs?
2. I am huge on recycling. I'd prefer to use "found" materials for my grapes vine trellis. My original idea was to build a few vertical bicycle tire trellis' for the vines to grow. My questions and concerns are - would the rims be bad for my plants? Rust or burn the vines in the sun heat? Could I paint over them to avoid rust or burning and if so would you recommend Rustolium? Or another paint? (Rustolium has lowest voc and we have used it succesfully in the past with our birds cages)

Any suggestions are very much appreciated. If in Madison area and would like to do a seed trade or trellis supply drop off also would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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