Hosta Sources in Wisconsin

virginia_w(z3 WI)March 7, 2007

Many of you may know about these places already, but in case you don't, one of the best sources for hostas close by is: Northern Grown Perennials in Ferryville, near La Crosse. They sell only hostas, daylilies and peonies, but their quality is outstanding-- large plants and reasonable prices (unless you want one of their own originals which range around $100.) They always include at least one bonus hosta (good ones, not the common ones)in their shipment.

I mentioned the Winter Greenhouse in an earlier post. They have a lot of hostas, but other perennials and annuals as well, and lovely demonstration gardens.

Another favorite place of mine, although it means a trip to the Madison area, is the Flower Factory near Stoughton.

Wide variety and hundreds of hostas and daylilies. Also demonstration gardens.

If you haven't discovered these places check out their websites and make your lists!!

What and where are some of your favorite hosta nurseries in Wisconsin?

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Virginia, I don't know where in Wisconsin you are, but here in Eagle River we have Shady Gardens. They have exquisite hosta and as you can guess, other shady loving plants. Not cheap, but it's a wonderous experience just going there to visit. In spring they have 5 acres of nothing but daffys blooming in an open area. Wowsers.

It looks more like a botanical garden than a nursery, 'cept the stuff's for sale~~


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virginia_w(z3 WI)

Constance, I am not far from Eagle River. I live near Winter-- halfway between Minoqua and Hayward. I will try to get over there this spring.


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Virginia, there's a great nursery on hwy 51 about 1.5 miles or so south of Minocqua, on the east side of the road. I can't think of the name of it. If you're in the area, this nursery is a great place for hosta and other plants. They have garden statues too. I've only been there a couple of times, but I love it.
Constance, I went to Shady Gardens a few summers ago with my hubby's cousin's wife, and naturally, the place was closed. This was at the end of July. I'm going to go there this summer though. I'll find out the hours before I go this time! LOL!


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hi are a few places that i have gotten hostas from...

stein's in several locations...

jung's in a few locations...

lang nursery in black creek...

schmalz landscaping in darboy...

definitely the flower factory...

pondside gardens near new holstein is a privately owned garden which sells hostas...(good idea to call first)

house of hosta is on my list to visit for 2007

greenscape another privately owned collection....they have a spring for info

hawks nursery in wauwautosa...

marshall henricks in menomonee is another privately owned collection....and has a couple of sales

als auto body and arboretum in walworth

and...of for your Hosta Society,,,Botanical Gardens,,,and Master Gardeners Sales...

anybody else know of any???...can't have too many stops to shop....LOL


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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Thompson Nursery in Weyauwega also has a very nice selection, lots of Lakeside varieties.

Foxfire Garden in Marshfield is on my list for this summer.

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davej_07(z5 WI)

I shop every Memorial Day and Labor Day at a sale held by Jack Barta and Ken Ziarek of the SEWHS. Jack's place is in Cedarburg, WI. they have well over 1000 varieties to choose from and that is NO exaggeration!!!! God, I get goosebumps just thinking about the upcoming sale:) Definately something to save your sheckels for!!


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dave,,when you have the particulars on those sales...
please send them on to me...thanks...jill

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virginia_w(z3 WI)

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have gotten some great hostas at Foxfire, but many of the other places are new to me. It looks like I will definitely have to make the trip to Cedarburg. Yes,Dave, can you give some directions?


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A couple of places in west central WI =>in the Lake Wissota area (near Chippewa Falls) =>in Prescott, WI

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Enchanted Valley Gardens outside of Evansville, which is south of Madison. They are a daylily nursery but also have great perennials and Hosta.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Oh, I can't believe I almost forget to add this...
For some of the more unusual hostas you can also go to the Farmer's Market on college Ave in Appleton during the summer.

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aka_margo(z5a WI)

Just go a pricelist in the mail and was reminded of another great source....Woodland Gardens in Crivitz. Although this is her last year in business.

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buckhill(z4 WI)

Here's the link for Al's Auto Body and Arboretum:
Their 6th annual HOSTA FEST is on memorial week end May 26th - 27th - & 28th, Also the following week end June 2nd and 3rd.

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While looking for the plant sale in Cedarburg that Dave mentioned, I found this web site.

Monches in Colgate

The place looks great, but I don't remember hearing about it. The have a huge selection of perennials and day lilies, but also have a decent amount of hostas.

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Dave - could June 2 be the plant sale you mentioned?

Check out the newsletter January 2007. First page, calendar of events.

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davej_07(z5 WI)

No, thats not the sale Im referring to. Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. The SEWHS sale is in Brookfield(I think), the one Im talking about is in Cedarburg.


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