mexican turks cap....HELP......

tesa001(z8 plantersville tx)February 14, 2005

i hope i'm posting on the correct forum.....i did a search, and didn't really come up with any usable info.....

i was given a "mexican turks cap".....i do have the botanical, but not with me just now....

it needs to be transplanted....big time...i want to put it in the ground......but for now, it's still in a pot......last year i had it in shade, it didn't to so well, but i have this spot, just a few square feet that gets a bit more sun, it seemed to do ok, but only a few flowers late last year.....

is it really a good performer in shade? should i go for it and put it in the sun? but will it fry in june? this spot will get a good bit of sun as the year progresses......

am i in the right forum?

i do consider myself to have a woodland type setting, with a bit of bog thrown in and 3 huge oak high summer, it's very shady under there, but at the edges of my property i have enough sun to grow daylillies, a few minature roses, coreopsis.....some daisy thingys....blah blah....i'm mostly in shade.....


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lauraann(z7/z8 wa)

Hi Tesa, I'm guessing the plant is Malvaviscus drummondii (just to make sure were on the same plant).
I only know it as a sun plant and a google search for malvaviscus drummondii will show many sites saying the same however in your zone 9 it is supposed to be OK in some shade. I grow mine in a pot because it is only marginally cold-hardy here and I'm a chicken. I enjoy it in it's pot because I can move it wherever I need the color.

It's actually pretty tough so If you decide to put it in the ground and it doesn't work out well you can dig it up (w/ as much root ball as you can get and cut the top back by a third) and move it or put it back in a big pot and into a sunnier(or shadier) spot.
Good Luck, it's a great plant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Malvaviscus drummondii

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PhoenixRain(z8/ Katy,Texas)

with our hot summers i think they would do better in partial shade also, they are cultivated for Houston the link says, and will do good in shady areas.

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