Curly top virus??

Just1tomatoplantplzJuly 9, 2014

Hello all!

Back again, with a new tomato plant, and problems. :(

Bought a celebrity plant about 2 weeks ago, transplanted it, gave it good soil/amended soil, plant food/fertilizer, and sprayed it with bonide vegetable spray.

Thought all was going well, up until about 3-4 days ago, when I brought home a Nasurtium (sp?) flower from a different nursery and placed it next to my celebrity tomato plant, and within a day, I noticed one of the bottom leaves curling on the celebrity plant.

I immediately removed the contained nasurtium plant away from the tomato plant, hoping it was just an unrelated thing.

All my plants are growing in containers, btw.

So, i've noticed that the curl seems to have continued throughout the plant.

I removed it from the container garden today, in hopes that it did not pass along the 'disease' to the remaining tomato plants.

As of right now the others look ok.

I thought it was just dry, or maybe over-fertilized but now I am starting to really think something more serious is going on.

We had heavy rains last night, and when I came out to look at my garden, I noticed that the leaves on the celebrity still look gnarled/curly.

So, what do you think? Is it Curly top virus? Or over-fertilization.

Also, when I brought home the nasurtium plant, I noticed these weird little brownish/mottled looking jumpy bugs surrounding them. What are they?

Guess that's it, for now.

Here's the pics.

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more pics

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last pic

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Thanks for any help/insight! :)

These tomato plants are driving me crazy!!!

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I Think and hope that your tomato is healthy. Probably has been fed just a bit too much. I would cut down on feeding and give it a bit more water. Probably that shopping bag gets dry more often. I see a lot of perlite in the soil mix too .That too make a good well drained condition demanding water.

I think the Nasturtium was just a coincident.

Lets see what other will say. This was JMO.

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centexan254 zone 8 Temple, Tx

That plant looks green enough to me. Some tomatoes in containers will get leaf curl no matter what you do. Keep it properly watered, and follow the directions on the fertilizer,and you should get some tomatoes off of that plant.

I would advise to keep doing what you have been it looks like it is working so far. Do not worry about it. I know from your previous post that you have a rough time with the learning curve involved. Your determination is starting to pay off.

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Thank you both, so very much, for your insight!

I hope, hope, hope, it's just physiological leaf curl (is that correct?).

Yes, I have had SO much trouble with growing tomato plants thus far.

I really cannot believe how much care they actually need!??

So, all I did with this plant was relocate it to the front of my house.

Just in CASE there is something underlying going on.

Will let everyone know, as I watch it grow.

Thanks, and fingers crossed!!! :)

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

You don't say where you live and garden which is important since Curly Top Virus is only found in western states, is transmitted by Beet Leaf Hoppers and is a real problem for folks who especially live near sugar beet fields.

The leaf hoppers descend ,not just on one plant,but usually almost all plants in a garden.

So no, I doubt CurlyTop Virus,

Curly leaves, upside down leaves, etc., can be due to several reasons , but methinks I'll let others describe those since I'm still recovering from lack of sleep from the wicked storms of yesterday and days before and am going to take a nap after I'm through at GW right now.( smile)


Here is a link that might be useful: Curly Top Virus

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Thank you so much Carolyn!

I do NOT live in western US. (NorthEast actually) Phew! Well, that at least eliminates 1 virus from the list. Lol.

Sadly, I've had such poor luck with my tomato plants this year. Up to date I have lost 3 seedlings. 1 to heat stroke (maybe??) and the other 2 were malnourished and perhaps infected. I of course helped their demise by overpruning them.

Now, I am left with 5 tomato plants. All of different variety.

2 were from the previous batch (which have been pruned...but seem to be thriving)..and there are 3 newbies.

Of the 5 remaining, the Celebrity (which I purchased for it's disease resistence) is the only one with this curly leaf issue.

It has been relocated, but still same amount of care.

I am washing my hands between care of the plants (just in case).

The other 4 plants are

husky cherry red, patio, big boy, and yellow gold.

HOPING at least 1 of the 5 produces an edible batch of fruit to enjoy during it's season.

Hence my username. LOL.

Wish me luck, and thanks all for the support!

Happy and healthy growing to ALL! :)

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